She Failed Her Practice Certification Exam and Panicked Over Her Teaching Career, But Her Sister Told Her This One Thing and She Passed…

Imagine your entire teaching career depends on passing a single test.

Now imagine you take your first practice test and fail. Not only do you fail it, you fail by 20 points.

Kaleigh Tsika was in this exact situation. She had to pass her certification exam – there was no option to fail.

In Kaleigh’s own words, “I was very worried and stressed about taking this exam.”

Her entire teaching career – years of hard work – was on the line and she was starting to panic.

How would you handle this situation?

What would your response be?

Who would you trust to help you pass the exam?

Kaleigh trusted her sister. And Kaleigh’s story has a happy ending because Kaleigh’s sister shared how she passed her certification test.

Using her sister’s trusted recommendation, Kaleigh was able to focus her studying, know exactly what to study, and pass her exam with ease.

By Teachers, For Teachers

At 240Tutoring, we understand the pains of taking your certification exam, because we are teachers.

Here is a short story from the founder of 240Tutoring, Scott Rozell:

I remember my first job offer as a teacher. It was contingent on me passing my certification exam. Because it was the beginning of the summer, I only had one shot to pass it and I really panicked over how to study.

I looked for books and websites and resources and ended up finding nothing useful. I studied text books and all sorts of “study guides” for similar tests, but nothing specific for my test. I went into the exam in a state of confident panic.

I ended up passing the exam and getting the job.

As I transitioned out of the classroom to become a testing coordinator at a certification program I tried to help hundreds of teachers through the exact same process I experienced years before.  After becoming so frustrated with the lack of resources to help teachers, I started 240Tutoring. My one and only goal was to help teachers pass their certification exams.

How We Have Helped Others

So what did Kaleigh’s sister say that helped Kaleigh pass?

Well, you might have guessed it by now.

Kaleigh’s sister used a 240Tutoring study guide to pass her certification exam.

So her sister, wanting to help, recommended 240Tutoring to Kaleigh.

Kaleigh studied diligently and passed her exam!

Congratulations Kaleigh!

Read Kaleigh’s full testimonial below:

I can truly say that 240 Tutoring is the only way I passed my 4-8 Math Certification Exam on my very first try!! I had taken a practice test months before and made about a 50 on it so I was very worried and stressed about taking this exam as the real deal. My sister had used 240 Tutoring for her cert tests and had passed so I decided to give it a shot! The study guides, practice problems, and quizzes really showed me what I needed to focus on. I’m so happy with my results that I’ve already been referring all of my teacher friends to 240 Tutoring!!

Kaleigh Tsika

But Kaleigh is not the only person we have helped.

240Tutoring has helped, literally, tens of thousands of teachers just like Kaleigh pass their certification exams.

Below are just a few of our many stories.

Picture being two days away from your test and freaking out because the material you purchased was not very helpful. This was the situation I found myself in the middle of when I came across 240 Tutoring. Their study material is excellent and the practice tests give you the perfect prep for what the test will be like. I believe they saved me regarding my test because I passed the first time. Get this as early as possible so you can be prepared and pass the first time. Paying for the study guide is better than paying to take a test more than once.

Brian Bellomy

I tried to prepare for my certification exam with a book study guide. This turned out to be information overload for me! I tried some practice tests but only scored in the 50s and 60s. I came across some manuals from 240 Tutoring and found that they were very easy to read and understand. I decided to purchase their online material. It was the best decision ever. Their material gave me guidance and helped me to focus on areas of study. Once I took the actual test, I realized that the questions were worded similar or asked about similar concepts. I completed the test with ease and passed! I will definitely recommend this to others and will be buying more study material from them.

Mari Vel

I bought the 240Tutoring study guide and passed the exam with flying colors on my first try! For someone who was completely overwhelmed by everything you need to know for this exam, I was relieved to find such a comprehensive review. Now I am certified to teach 4-8 grade ELA, Math, Science, and Social Studies, and on my way to landing my first full-time teaching job!

Kristen Dolan

Real People. Real Results.

All these stories are from our Facebook review page. These are real customers experiencing real results.

If we have helped tens of thousands of teachers across the country pass their certification exams, we guarantee that we can help you pass your exam.

So what does 240Tutoring do that makes our study guides so effective?

Is This the Best Way?

Do you even need a study guide?

Why can’t you just follow the testing requirements and study on your own?

You definitely can follow the testing requirements and find resources on your own.


What happens when you read something vague in the test requirements and have no idea what it means? For example:

“Understands the role of cross-cultural comparisons in world history instruction”

(Elementary Education Multiple Subjects: Social Studies Subtest Category 3, subset C.)

Is the best use of your time pouring over all the testing data, just to wonder if you’re studying the right stuff?

Let us do the heavy lifting to make your studying simple, straightforward, and effective.

There is one more thing we’ve learned at 240Tutoring…

If you don’t have time to do it right the first time, when are you going to have time to do it right the second time?

Everybody is rushed and studying for a certification exam seems tedious and not a number one priority.

But what happens if you fail the exam? When will you have time, and money, to study and retake the exam?

How The Study Guide Works

Diagnostic Test

The Diagnostic Test helps you gauge your readiness for the exam. You can take it as many times as you want, for as long as you have the study guide. You can download a full breakdown report of how you did on your profile page so you know exactly what areas and subareas of the guide you need to study.

Authentic, Realistic Practice Questions

Get the practice you need using hundreds of the most authentic and realistic questions available. Each practice question will give you an instant explanation for the answers. You will never have to guess why an answer is incorrect, or why it is correct.

Use our HUGE bank of authentic, realistic practice questions to get the practice you need to pass the exam.

Study Materials and Flashcards

Our study materials and flashcards (select sections of study guides) cover the big concepts for the exam. We have studied thousands of practice questions to find out what is on the exam, and what is not on the exam.

We took all of our experience and crafted study materials and flashcards specific to your exam – so you don’t have to wonder if you are studying the right information.

Full-Length Practice Test

Our Practice Test is a timed, full-length practice test. This is your best indicator to show if you are prepared to pass the exam.  After taking the test, you will be able to download a full breakdown report to see how you did in each area and subarea of the test.

By scoring a 90% on our Practice Test, you will qualify for the 240Tutoring Guarantee.

240Tutoring Guarantee Badge

240 Tutoring Guarantee

Teacher Certification Exam Guarantee

If you use our study guide, really use it, and fail your test – you get your money back.

Now, what does it mean to really use the study guide? That’s simple. If you score a 90% on the 240Tutoring Practice Test (our full-length, timed practice test) you qualify for the 240Tutoring Guarantee.

Now, there are a few qualifiers, like enrolling in multiple study guides or using the material for an extended amount of time. To fully understand the 240Tutoring Guarantee, please read the very top of our Terms and Conditions page.

The 240Tutoring Guarantee exists because our material is the best available. We fully believe in it. If you really use our study guide, we are confident you will pass your exam.

Your Big Decision

Do you know exactly what you should be studying to pass your exam?

Do you want to risk failing the exam and putting your teaching career in jeopardy?

Remember Kaleigh? Imagine if her sister didn’t tell her about 240Tutoring and she failed her test. How could she accomplish her dream of becoming a teacher by failing her certification test?

But Kaleigh made the right decision – and you can too.

Kaleigh chose to use a 240Tutoring study guide to help her pass the exam.

Kaleigh made the right decision because 240Tutoring knows what the test covers and delivers exactly what you need in a simple, straightforward study guide.

If you fail the exam, you could endanger your entire career.

What You Get

Access to every 240Tutoring study guide – a $600 value. Use any of our study guides, whenever you want, however you want.

A step-by-step study plan – our study guides are simple and tell you every step you need to take to continue studying.

Authentic, realistic practice questions – get the practice you need using hundreds of the most authentic and realistic questions available.

In-depth instructional content – don’t wonder if you grasp the concepts on the exam, use our instructional content to ensure you understand every concept.

A full-length practice test – use the full-length, timed practice exam to test yourself before you sit for the real exam.

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