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California (CSET)
Florida (FTCE)
Georgia (GACE)
Indiana (CORE)
Illinois (ILTS)
Michigan (MTTC)
Minnesota (MTLE)
Missouri (MEGA)
Ohio (OAE)
Texas (TExES)
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California (CSET)

Mathematics: Complete
Mathematics: Subtest 1
Mathematics: Subtest 2
Mathematics: Subtest 3
Multiple Subjects: Complete
Multiple Subjects: Subtest 1
Multiple Subjects: Subtest 2
Multiple Subjects: Subtest 3
CBEST: Mathematics

Florida (FTCE)

Elementary Education K-6
Elementary Education K-6: English
Elementary Education K-6: Mathematics
Elementary Education K-6: Science
Elementary Education K-6: Social Science
General Knowledge: Mathematics
Middle Grades English 5-9
Middle Grades General Science 5-9
Middle Grades Mathematics 5-9
Middle Grades Social Science 5-9
Mathematics 6-12
Social Science 6-12

Georgia (GACE)

Early Childhood Education
Early Childhood Education: Test 001
Early Childhood Education: Test 002
Middle Grades Language Arts
Middle Grades Mathematics
Middle Grades Science
Middle Grades Social Science
Program Admission Assessment: Mathematics

Indiana (CORE)

Elementary Education Generalist
Elementary Education Generalist: Subtest 1
Elementary Education Generalist: Subtest 2
Elementary Education Generalist: Subtest 3
Elementary Education Generalist: Subtest 4
CASA: Mathematics
Middle School English Language Arts
Middle School Mathematics
Middle School Science
Middle School Social Science

Illinois (ILTS)

Elementary Education 1-6
Elementary Education 1-6: Subtest 1
Elementary Education 1-6: Subtest 2
Elementary Education 1-6: Subtest 3
Elementary Education 1-6: Subtest 4
Elementary/Middle Grades
Test of Academic Proficiency: Math

Michigan (MTTC)

Elementary Education (103)
Integrated Science (Elementary)
Language Arts (Elementary)
Mathematics (Elementary)
Mathematics (Secondary)
Professional Readiness Exam: Math
Social Studies (Elementary)
Social Studies (084)

Minnesota (MTLE)

Elementary Education
Elementary Education: Subtest 1
Elementary Education: Subtest 2
Elementary Education: Subtest 3
Middle Level Communication Arts/Literature
Middle Level Mathematics
Middle Level Science
Middle Level Social Studies
Social Studies

Missouri (MEGA)

Elementary Education Multi-Content
Elementary Education Multi-Content: Language Arts
Elementary Education Multi-Content: Mathematics
Elementary Education Multi-Content: Science
Elementary Education Multi-Content: Social Studies
Middle School Education: Language Arts
Middle School Education: Mathematics
Middle School Education: Science
Middle School Education: Social Science


Elementary Education
Elementary Education: Subtest 1
Elementary Education: Subtest 2
Middle Grades English Language Arts
Middle Grades General Science
Middle Grades Mathematics
Middle Grades Social Science

Ohio (OAE)

Elementary Education
Integrated Social Studies
Middle Grades English Language Arts
Middle Grades General Science
Middle Grades Mathematics
Middle Grades Social Studies


Elementary Education: Content Knowledge
Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects
Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects – English
Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects – Math
Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects – Science
Elementary Education: Multiple Subjects – Social Studies
Middle School: Content Knowledge
Middle School: English Language Arts
Middle School: Mathematics
Middle School: Science
Mathematics: Content Knowledge
Social Studies: Content Knowledge
Social Studies: Content & Interpretation

Texas (TExES)

CORE Subjects EC-6
CORE Subjects EC-6: English Subtest
CORE Subjects EC-6: Fine Arts Subtest
CORE Subjects EC-6: Math Subtest
CORE Subjects EC-6: Science Subtest
CORE Subjects EC-6: Social Studies Subtest
CORE Subjects 4-8
CORE Subjects 4-8: English Subtest
CORE Subjects 4-8: Math Subtest
CORE Subjects 4-8: Science Subtest
CORE Subjects 4-8: Social Studies Subtest
4-8 English Language Arts
4-8 Mathematics
4-8 Science
4-8 Social Studies
7-12 Mathematics
7-12 Social Studies
Bilingual Education Supplemental
Special Education Supplemental
ESL Supplemental EC-12
Special Education EC-12
Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities EC-12
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