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I can truly say that 240 Tutoring is the only way I passed my exam on my very first try! My sister had used 240 Tutoring for her cert exam and had passed, so I decided to give 240Tutoring a shot! The study guides, practice problems, and quizzes really showed me what I needed to focus on. I’m so happy with my results that I’ve already been referring all of my teacher friends to 240 Tutoring!!

– Kalaigh Kutac March 9, 2017

Customers rate us 4.5 on Facebook

I can truly say that 240 Tutoring is the only way I passed my exam on my very first try! My sister had used 240 Tutoring for her cert exam and had passed, so I decided to give 240Tutoring a shot! The study guides, practice problems, and quizzes really showed me what I needed to focus on. I’m so happy with my results that I’ve already been referring all of my teacher friends to 240 Tutoring!!

– Kalaigh Kutac March 9, 2017

Customers rate us 4.7 on Facebook

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General Reviews

I wanted to inform you that with your tutoring program, I passed my test on the second try 2 weeks ago. I have been raving to all of my colleagues who have remaining tests to take on how your services assisted me so much. I have to say that I showed them what your services provided and they loved it. Again, this has been a great help. As long as I have the opportunity to keep telling people about your services, I will keep telling them to log onto 240tutoring. I failed the test the first time in March but passed it in April just studying the material from your tutoring material. Thank you again!

-Tonia H.

Thanks to 240Tutoring I’m a teacher now. If it wasn’t for the questions that were similar to the real exam questions, I would have not passed. I was committed to passing and 240Tutoring helped me do that. 240tutoring is a great study guide and I recommend teachers and future teachers to sign up.

-Pasha J.

I am so grateful for 240Tutoring. It was such a wonderful resource to help me prepare for my teacher certification exams. I love the practice tests. They really helped me to assess the areas that I needed to focus on more when it came to studying. I highly recommend 240Tutoring to all of my peers and any student studying for their teacher certification exams!”

-Benjamin C.

240Tutoring was easy to use, and extremely thorough in all areas that I was testing in. 240Tutoring gave me a more focused studying time, and I was definitely more confident going into the exam after using this study guide.
I would use this again and definitely recommend for anyone.”

-Leslie Wilson

Thank you so much for this great program. The study guides were very helpful and informative. The way the guides are structured really helped me study and the practice test questions helped me to take the test and pass! I have used other resources in the past but nothing really worked until I used 240Tutoring! thank you so much!”

-Liz G.

After testing on several occasions, and feeling absolutely ‘beaten up’…I tried 240Tutoring as my last option. This system really broke down the explanation, helping me to focus on my weaker areas. I’m not a math whiz, but now I’m almost liking math enough to seek other certifications in math. Thanks bunches 240Tutoring!”

-Sabah Kunle.

GACE Reviews

Early Childhood Education

I purchased the GACE ECE study guide because I needed a structured approach to studying for the test. I was overwhelmed with all of the content that needed to be studied but 240Tutoring made it easy and manageable. When I went to take the GACE I felt confident and prepared. I passed the exam on my first try! I have already recommended 240Tutoring to several people who are about to take the GACE ECE.

-Elizabeth Cline

Indiana CORE Reviews

Elementary Education Generalist

After many failed attempts of taking the Indiana core elementary generalist social studies exam, I searched online for help and found 240Tutoring. I was skeptical at first. However, it was the least expensive option and very easily accessible. The study guide was most helpful, and I passed with my next attempt! I will definitely recommend 240Tutoring to my friends and colleagues!

-Kelly Brackin

MTTC Reviews

Elementary Education

240Tutoring definitely played a role in my passing the MTTC Elementary Education exam. First of all, it helped me pinpoint the specific areas that I was weak in (including science and social studies). The study guides in all areas, but especially social studies, helped by informing me of content that I simply did not know beforehand. I was diligent in my studying, making sure to go through at least one area a day (and usually multiple areas).

It’s a 90-day program, but within the first month I felt pretty secure in making an attempt at taking the test. So, I got up the nerve and set up the computer-based test after taking my second assessment in all areas. I was unsure, but really hopeful, that the questions truly would be similar. And they were!

Truly, 240Tutoring did everything it promised me it would: it prepared me for my elementary education certification. I am now certified to teach! And because of that, I am looking forward to using 240Tutoring again when I’m studying for my elementary math certification.

Thanks for all the help!

-Jeromona Maddox

I Would Recommend 240Tutoring!

I had a great experience with 240tutoring. I did not pass the MTTC the first few times I took it and then was suggested to try 240tutoring. After using the useful study guide I was able to pass my test! I would recommend 240tutoring due to my positive experience.

-Haley Baudendistel

MTLE Reviews

Definitely worth the money!

The study materials on this site were so incredibly helpful. I was debating to buy a study guide book or check out this website for the first time and I’m so happy I chose this one. It is for my Minnesota teaching license exam and the study materials are organized so well. The materials for the social studies test is split up into seven sections to make studying much easier. I liked how there was not only study materials but practice questions in addition to three attempts at a practice test to monitor improvement. Definitely worth the money!

-Kayla Segura

I Passed on My First Try!

I used 240Tutoring to study for the MTLE content exams. I found them really helpful because they pinpoint the areas you need the most help in and there are a lot of study guides and practice questions to study from. There is no official guide to study for the MTLEs, and this was maybe more information than I actually needed, but using these study guides gave me a lot of confidence going into the tests. I passed all three exams on my first try so I’d definitely recommend 240Tutoring!

-Tami Peterson

MEGA Reviews

This is a great system of tutoring!

240Tutoring contributed to my success on the MEGA exam in Missouri for teachers to become certified by the state. Their tutoring materials help you focus on the areas you need improvement in, as well as their materials are relevant to the tests. I have used another tutoring website previously but the materials provided on that website were not relevant to the tests. This is a great system of tutoring with relative materials if you use it for its’ intended purposes. This program is anticipated to be used over a length of time (90-days). I used it for about 60-days and that was fruitful for me. This is not a last-minute study aide.

-Maggie Beisert

OAE Reviews

Integrated Social Studies

I purchased the OAE Integrated Social Studies study guide. I bought this guide because I had taken the test 5 times already and failed all of those times!!! I was desperate to find something that would help me study and help me to pass the test! I like the fact that you have three assessments and you have practice questions! The most helpful thing was the study guide because it didn’t put in a bunch of information that makes you get bogged down by reading. It gives you the information you need in order to succeed. I would definitely recommend this program! I already have referred many other colleagues to use this when they are preparing for the Ohio Assessment for Educators licensure exams!!!

-Sarah Abbott

PRAXIS Reviews

I definitely recommend this tutoring service!

If anyone is contemplating which PRAXIS study guides are really worth the investment, then look no further than 240Tutoring!! This past month, I took the Middle School Science (5440) test. I was really worried, especially since I hadn’t taken a science course in over 6 years AND I only had ONE WEEK to study months’ worth of material (since I had to hit a deadline for a Master’s Program). Being a mom with no background in Science and a (7) day deadline, this truly was Mission Impossible. I was completely overwhelmed with the amount of material that the test covered.

I ended up purchasing 240Tutoring’s study guide since I liked the free sample they emailed out to me. It was by far the best decision I’ve made in 2017, since I ended up PASSING!!! Your guides are extremely easy to comprehend and with the graphs and definitions laid out for each section, I wouldn’t have passed this test without you. THANKS SO MUCH 240TUTORING!

Oh, and my only complaint is you need more study guides covering more PRAXIS subjects so I can use you for future certifications!

-Kendra Edgell

Thanks So Much 240Tutoring!

I used 240Tutoring to prepare for the Praxis Elementary Education exam. I studied for about 5 weeks, following their recommendation to focus on the material for 30 minutes, 6 days a week. Ok, I usually studied for a little more. Not only did I pass the test, but I scored above average, with almost perfect scores in Science and Social Studies. They provide extensive material and great interactive practice tests online. I was glad I had to assess how much I knew before I even started; it guided me on the sequence of my studies. I definitely recommend this tutoring service.

-Aguie C.

TExES Reviews

CORE Subjects EC-6

I have been teaching middle school for 16 years. I decided to get my CORE Subjects EC-6 certificate. I passed all portions except the Social Studies. I am (was) horrible at history, and honestly didn’t know if I would ever pass that portion. Luckily, while I was waiting for the test to start, a former student told me about 240tutoring in case I failed any portions. I registered for the CORE Subjects EC-6 Social Studies study guide and I set a schedule, and studied for about 45 days. I passed with flying colors. I am SOOOO glad I found out about this site!! I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to pass the tests!!! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

-Krissey B.

CORE Subjects EC-6

I purchased 240Tutoring to help me pass the Texes Special Education 161 test. I failed at my first attempt, and had to pass it my second time around. This could not have been done without 240Tutoring.  The practice tests and study material are outstanding; so much like the real test! I will for sure being using 240Tutoring again!

-Jamie Evans

CORE Subjects EC-6

I bought the 240Tutoring study guide for CORE Subjects EC-6 Content about 30 days before I was scheduled to take my test. I wanted to make sure that I was prepared. I studied every day with this study guide for 30 mins to an hour. When I got my scores back, I passed all 5 tests :)”

-Sabrina S.

7-12 Mathematics

Used 240Tutoring for:

Texes Math 235 and scored 290!
Texes PPR 160 and scored 280!

And I’ve been out of college for 23 years!! I can’t recommend this program highly enough! Just buy it!!”

-Joyce South

ESL Supplemental

I needed the ESL/EC-6 certification for a Special Education Co-Teach job I’d recently accepted. When I first became a teacher in Texas in 2002, all that was needed to be a co-teacher was the Special Education certification, but now the additional “area specific” certifications are required. Anyway, I signed up for 240 tutoring the first part of June. By June 12, I had taken my pre-assessments. I did not do so well. I began studying immediately, knowing that test day (July 8th) would be upon be before I knew it. I took my final assessment through 240 tutoring on July 7th. My cumulative score was 95.2%.  Well, my scores were posted this morning and I passed!! 277 out of 300! (92%) I would recommend 240 tutoring to ANYONE needing additional Texas certifications!

-Leah S.

Bilingual Supplemental

I used 240Tutoring to prepare for my Bilingual Supplemental exam, which I passed!!  I was able to go through the material quite quickly, yet thoroughly. I received a very low score on my diagnostic test and was able to get a 98% by the last one.  I also appreciate the great costumer service; Josh emailed and called to see how he/the team could help me be more successful! Thank you for helping me get this certification!!!

-Florencia Coane

240Tutoring Guarantee

Each study guide comes with the 240Tutoring Guarantee- if a student earns a 95% Cumulative Score or higher on our study guides and is unsuccessful on the test, 240Tutoring will provide a full money-back refund!