School District Partnerships

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We’ve Got the Only Test Prep Solution Your School District Needs

We know you want your teachers and teacher candidates to succeed on their certification exams the first time.

So do we!

That’s why our curriculum team has developed rigorous standards for each of our study guides, and we back each one of them with the 240 Tutoring Guarantee – pass or your money back.

Thanks to the success of our partnerships with EPPs, school districts around the nation are increasingly seeking our services in helping to prepare their teachers.

We want your teachers/candidates to be as prepared for their exam as they can be. The 240 Tutoring test-aligned study guides provide exactly what your teachers need to know in a variety of formats — including video, flash cards, quizzes and practice tests — giving them confidence and assurance they need on test day.

From our Administrator Dashboard, you can easily monitor your teachers however you choose – from a quick summary to a detailed performance evaluation.

Best of all? The study guide subscription – as low as $15 per month for school districts – gives each teacher access to the entire test series catalog of study guides. So your teachers can be prepared for whatever exams they need.

School District Partnership Benefits / Features

Pass Guarantee

Every study guide we create is backed by the 240 Tutoring Guarantee. We believe our study guides are the best available, and by using them any teacher can be fully prepared to pass their certification exams. We stand behind that claim by offering a subscription refund to anyone who scores 90% or higher on at least one full-length practice test but fails the exam. (See our Terms of Use for full guarantee explanation.)


One Trusted Resource

When we say our study guides are test-aligned, we really mean it. Our study guides are rigorously designed to align to the official standards for each test series. They contain hundreds of authentic practice questions.  We know that exposure to the specific test concepts and the exact exam format helps teachers gain the knowledge and confidence to succeed on test day, so our study guide, quizzes, flashcards and videos (when available) reinforce what they need to know to pass.


Progress Monitoring

You know how much you want — and need — to be involved in your teachers’ test preparation journey. With our customizable Administrator Dashboard, you can decide your level of involvement and monitor your teachers in the format that best suits you. And if you have questions, our EPP Success and Customer Care Teams are ready to help!


One Catalog — All Exams

Because our study guides are accessible by test series, your teachers/candidates can access the entire exam series catalog without limitations. We eliminate the need for you to piece together resources for each exam or to invest in expensive programs that offer limited access to study materials and require additional resources to achieve success.

School District Partnership FAQs

Do you offer school districts discount codes for teachers?

We have discount pricing for both program-billed and teacher-billed accounts when invited through your administrator dashboard. Our discounted rates are as low as $15 per user per month.

What if my teachers/candidates need more than one study guide?

With one low monthly subscription fee, enrollees get unlimited access to all 240 Tutoring Study Guides. Subscribers do not pay per test title.

Can I preview the study guides our teachers/candidates would have access to?

Yes! We’d be happy to set you up with a trial account to review our study guides just as your candidates would. We will provide you with full access to our instructional materials, flashcards, quizzes and practice tests at no cost for 14 days.

How do my teachers/candidates get access to the study materials?

As a district partner, you would be provided with an administrator account and dashboard that allows you to manage your user database. To send an invite, you only need to enter your teachers’/ candidates’ email address. We will send them an invitation email with instructions on how to register and get started!

What data do I have access to on my administrator dashboard?

The dashboard will allow you to monitor candidates as they progress through the study guides. You have access to each subscriber’s individual score reports, and their data on the time spent in instructional materials, flashcards and quizzes. You also have access to a group report that allows you to see the data of all your teachers/candidates in one place.

Can other faculty/advisors invite students and track their progress?

Yes! There is no limit to the number of free administrator or observer accounts your program can have.

How long do candidates have access to the study guides?

That is up to you! We provide access to the 240 Tutoring Study Guides on a monthly basis and allow you to determine how long your teachers/candidates need access. We can help you control costs by providing an automatic deactivation after pre-determined number of days per user. On average, subscribers will spend 3 to 4 months preparing for their exams using the 240 Tutoring study guides.

Do you offer a guarantee? What happens if my teachers/candidates fail their certification exam?

The 240 Tutoring Guarantee gives candidates the confidence and tools they need to prepare for their exams. We’ll refund subscription costs for any subscriber who completes our study guide, scores a 90% or higher on the practice test at the end of the course and then fails their official exam. See our Terms of Use.

Do you host webinars/workshops for districts?

Yes! We can provide customized webinars/workshops that are targeted to your district needs. Our EPP Success team can work with you to create what’s needed for your program.

Do you offer any live tutoring?

Our program is completely online, but we have several learning communities on Facebook where students and educators can share information.

Do you offer any free resources to teachers?

Yes! We offer a number of resources, including free practice tests and other test prep and teaching resources. Visit our Resources page for free resources by exam series and more general advice articles.