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240 Tutoring Frequently Asked Questions

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Got questions? We’re here to help!

We want you to be 100 percent confident you’ll pass your test using our study guides.

Here are the answers to our most frequently asked questions.

What Is the 240 Tutoring Guarantee?

It is our commitment to you! The 240 Tutoring Guarantee is if a user scores 90% on our Practice Test at the end of the study guide but fails the exam, then they are eligible for a money-back refund of up to two months of their subscription. Read more about the 240 Tutoring Guarantee.

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What Do We Mean When We Say Our Guides Are Test-Aligned?

Our study guides are aligned with your test’s standards.

Our curriculum team studies all of the standards and competencies for the exams we offer and cross-referenced them with the current and previous questions used by the testing company. We then work with content and teaching experts to distill down what a test-taker needs to know. We like to think we give test-takers everything they need and nothing they don’t! Read more about how our study guides are aligned with your test.

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How Does the Subscription Work?

Our subscription will give you access to every study guide we offer in the testing series you have subscribed to.

You can subscribe on any one of the study guide pages you are needing.

Your monthly subscription renews every month on the same date as when you started your account. For example, if you subscribe on the 11th day of the month, your billing will renew on the 11th of every month until you cancel.

You can cancel your recurring monthly subscription at any time on your profile page.

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What is in the Study Guides?

Our study guides are online-based and come with a plan to pass, instructional content, videos, flashcards, quizzes (practice questions with explanations as you go), and timed practice tests you can access at the end of each course.

The study guides are set up on a subscription plan. As a part of your subscription you’re able to access any study guide we offer within the testing series you have subscribed to. If you want to study for one test or multiple tests, you can subscribe to more than one study guide at no additional charge. You are able to cancel your subscription at any time under your profile.

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How Do I Find My Study Guide and Subscribe?

1. Go to the Study Guides page.

2. Select the state or exam series you need from the drop-down menu. You only need to subscribe one time to use all of that state or test series’ study guides.

3. Click one of the “Subscribe” buttons.

How to Subscribe to 240 Tutoring

4. Clicking the “Subscribe” button will take you to the billing screen. You will enter your name and credit card information to sign up and make your first monthly payment. You will receive a receipt by email to the same address you used to create your account. This is a subscription service. You are subscribing and your account will renew every month until you cancel it. You can cancel at any time by logging into your account.

How to Subscribe to 240 Tutoring

5. PRIOR ACCOUNTS: If you have created an account before and need to reactivate your account, you will need to select the link sign in here instead of creating a new user account.

If you created an account to take a free practice test but did not subscribe, you will need to select the link sign in here instead of creating a new user account.

If you started the account creation process but navigated away from the billing screen before finishing the creation of your account, you will need to select the link sign in here instead of creating a new user account.

Sign in here

6. Once you finish the signup process you will get a receipt for your first monthly payment. You will also receive a welcome email will helpful links and information.

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I Paid for the Study Guides. How Do I Get Started?

1. There are two visible tabs at the top of the screen when you log in to your user account – Courses and Profile.

240 Tutoring Courses


2. First, select the Courses tab. Once you do, you will see all of your program specific study guides offered by 240 Tutoring. Select the study guide you need for your exam.


TExES Catalog


3. To add a study guide to your user profile dashboard, click on the green Enroll button of the study guide you want.

4. Once you enroll in the study guide, it will be visible at the top of your user profile screen with an orange Resume button.

For these examples, we are using the TExES Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities (160) V2 study guide. All of the study guides follow the same flow. 

PPR Resume

5. Click the Resume button to open the study guide. The first section is at the top. All of the study guide sections are accessible by scrolling. The upper right corner shows the orange button for your personalized plan to pass. The magnifying glass next to the Plan to Pass button opens up a window allowing you to search by competency/exam standard.


6. The grey circles at the top of the study guide reflect your progress and what section you are working on, and also show the sections you have completed and not started.

In this study guide, 33% of the section Promoting Student Learning has been completed. Some of the Human Development concept has been started, noted by the teal portion of the circle. Learning Processes is the currently selected concept, noted by the teal inner circle and teal underline. The Learning Processes concept has been completed, noted by the complete teal circle. 100% of the Instructional Content and Flash Cards have been read, as well as all 5 quizzes completed. This helps you keep track of your progress and where you are in the study guide.

7. The Profile tab shows your account information.

8. Enrollments: This shows the study guides you are currently enrolled in. You can see your progress in each study guide underneath the study guide title.

9. Downloadable Records: This is where you find your reports, including where to get another copy of your Plan to Pass (Diagnostic) report, your Practice Test report, your Transcript, and your Certificate of Completion for that study guide.

10. Info: Your account information is here, including your first and last name as entered, the email address associated with your account, and the date you created your account. This is where you update your email address and name if needed. Click on the pencil on the right side to edit your email address and name.


11. Billing: This lists your subscription, monthly billing dates, and your payment method. You can edit your payment method here. It shows you when you created your account and what your next billing date is.


12. Status: This shows if your account is active or not. To cancel your account, click the cancel button. When canceled, your study guide access continues until the date your account would otherwise renew. In this example, the account renews on the 8th of the month. Canceling BEFORE the 8th gives you access until the 8th and then the account will close. Restarting your subscription (even if it was canceled) BEFORE the 8th will restart the billing process on the 8th with no lapse in study guide access. If you do nothing and leave your account active, you will continue to be billed on the 8th of the month until you choose to cancel.

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How Do I Get the Most Out of My Study Guide?

We’ve got a whole article that walks you through how to use the study guide.

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I’m in the Study Guide. Why Can’t I Access the Practice Test?

Before you can take the Practice Test, you must complete approximately 95% of the study guide.

Each study guide contains three full-length, timed practice tests. These tests remain locked until approximately 95 percent of the study guide has been completed. The practice test contains questions not presented in other parts of the study guide. The practice test also functions as the requirement to qualify a user for the 240 Tutoring Guarantee and is the last step of studying prior to taking the certification exam.

Once a user completes the required percentage of the study guide content, the practice test will unlock and be available to take. Only after the third practice test attempt has been completed will the answers and explanations be accessible for review. You can see the answers by selecting Review at the end of your third test attempt.

A few notes:

  • The Customer Care team cannot provide practice test answers.
  • The Customer Care team cannot manually unlock the practice test. It can only be unlocked by completing the necessary study guide percentage.
  • In our V1 study guides, all three practice tests contain the same questions. The question order does change, but the overall content does not vary from test to test.
  • Our V2 study guides contain 3 unique practice test forms. Each testing attempt will contain different questions.
  • Once you begin a practice test attempt, the timer cannot be stopped or paused.
  • You cannot retake a practice test attempt nor can a practice test attempt be reset.

Since the practice test is formatted to match your actual exam, once you select Start Test you will not be able to stop the test timer. You must complete the Practice Test in a single sitting. If, for any reason, you leave the Practice Test without completing it and return to it later, you will have to submit your incomplete Practice Test for scoring before you can begin a new Practice Test.

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How Do I Cancel My Account?

When you log into your study guide, click your “Profile” button at the top of the screen, and under the “Billing” section you have the ability to cancel your subscription. You will continue to have access to your study guides until the end of your billing cycle.

In this example, the account was created on October 8th. The account will be billed again on the 8th of every month moving forward. If you cancel your account on the 1st of the month, you will still have access until the 8th.

steps to cancel a 240 Tutoring account

If you do not have the ability to cancel your account, please send an email to us at helpdesk@240tutoring.com. We would be happy to look into this for you!

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How Do I Talk to a Real, Live Person?

We love hearing from our customers and we now offer live phone support and SMS!

Our amazing and dedicated team of customer care agents are available online Monday through Friday from 9 a.m. until 5 p.m. Central Time. If you contact us outside of those hours, we will respond during the next business day.

You can reach out to us via the channels below:

Our customers are busy students and teachers. We offer many easy online options to reach us so that we can respond to you faster and more efficiently.

Online support keeps detailed records in one place. This ensures nothing gets lost in translation if we need to escalate your issue. We’ll always have access to previous tickets and chat transcripts so you won’t have to repeat questions. It’s also an easy way for you to send us screenshots so we can better troubleshoot your account.

If you have a question or a concern, please call, text, or send us an email at helpdesk@240tutoring.com. Please include the email address associated with your account so we can pull up your information.

If you are seeing an error message, it often helps if you include a screenshot of what you are seeing with your email so we can better determine how to resolve the error.

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