Who We Are

Get an inside look at 240 Tutoring and learn more about us. We might work remotely across the US and bring a variety of experience from the education field and more, but we are united with one common purpose - helping YOU pass your exam and succeed as a teacher.

Our Story

In Texas, most teacher certification exams require a score of 240 or higher to pass. So when Scott Rozell, founder of 240 Tutoring, Inc. realized how limited the preparation resource options were for teachers, he was inspired to develop study guides with one goal in mind – helping teachers pass their exams.

With that goal as his guide, Scott started 240 Tutoring in October 2010 to equip teachers with a quality, comprehensive study resource. The content, which initially included a handful of popular TExES study guides, has expanded to more than 14 test series and 250+ study guides to help teachers nationwide get certified faster – so they can get in the classroom and finally reach their full potential as educators.

It’s been 10 years, but the simple goal that 240 Tutoring started with hasn’t changed. Helping teachers pass their exams so they can start teaching is the fuel that keeps driving us to develop the best study guides available – and we’re just getting started.

Our Team

A former teacher, Scott was motivated to start 240 Tutoring while working as the testing coordinator at an alternative certification program in Texas. Since it launched in the fall of 2010, Scott has grown 240 Tutoring into the best resource for teacher test preparation.
Director of Curriculum
Experience as a science teacher and as Director of STEM Content at Macmillan Learning taught Clairissa how to create the best curriculum for any learning environment. Since joining 240 Tutoring in mid-2018, Clairissa led the redesign of all of 240 Tutoring’s curriculum to ensure it was aligned to every learning standard of every test in every study guide the company offers. Her detailed, scientific approach to curriculum creation delivers the most comprehensive and aligned study guides available.
Director of Technology
Formerly the Chief Technology Officer at BossFight Entertainment, a mobile gaming company, and a Principal Engineer at Zynga, Ryan understands how to architect and execute large-scale, engaging, easy-to-use applications. His years of experience have been poured into 240 Tutoring’s proprietary technology, developing the framework for an intuitive and adaptable study guide program.
Director of Operations
A first-grade teacher for six years, Maegan received her MBA from the University of North Texas in 2017 and joined 240 Tutoring in the summer of 2018. Maegan has a strong business acumen and desire for learning, but where she really shines is in creating systems and processes that build a stronger and more unified team culture. She is passionate about finding new ways to improve the team dynamic, bring people together and make work more fun!
Director of Product
Saad ensures that the 240 Tutoring customer end-to-end experience is simple, easy and actionable. His background as a product management and marketing executive with a track record of delivering premium award-winning customer experiences contributes to building and scaling product, design, marketing, and technology teams at 240 Tutoring. He is passionate about delivering premium customer experiences by inspiring results-focused, customer-centric solutions.
Design Manager
Joining the team in late 2016, Jordan began working on website development for 240 Tutoring. However, she consistently proved her talent and eye for design. Jordan has worked herself into a role as Designer for 240 Tutoring and is currently responsible for ensuring all aspects of 240 Tutoring’s design make studying easier and more enjoyable for customers.
Curriculum Specialist
After teaching for nine years, Blair was recruited by 240 Tutoring to clinch the curriculum team’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of teacher test preparation. Blair has quickly become an expert on each state’s test standards, helping ensure every study guide is comprehensive and 100% aligned for each and every test.
Director of EPP Advancement and Customer Care
No one loves empowering Educational Preparation Programs (EPPs) with test preparation more than Nacole. With eight years of experience exceeding EPPs expectations, Nacole excels in understanding the test prep needs of students and working with EPPs to empower their students to pass the exam. She also manages the customer care department ensuring that all our customers' concerns are addressed.
Customer Care Agent
Helping others has always been a priority for Tara. Prior to joining 240 Tutoring, Tara spent time working with animals and children, and realized her love of education and positively impacting students’ lives. She hopes to eventually become an Agricultural Science teacher but for now her focus is meeting customer needs and making their study experiences as positive as possible.
Customer Care Agent
Mischa joined 240 Tutoring after six years at Apple, bringing a plethora of tech and customer support experience with him. He is passionate about enhancing the customer experience and providing tailored responses to meet customer needs. When he’s not helping 240 Tutoring customers and website visitors, Mischa enjoys piloting his drone and watching USC football - go Trojans!
Information Technology
John comes to 240 Tutoring with more than 30 years of experience covering all aspects of the technology industry, from developer to senior management, to co-founder of multiple startups. His expertise includes mechanical engineering, software and business development, and consulting project management.
Video Production
Austin joined the 240 Tutoring team to help enhance study guides and marketing content through videos. Austin has acquired a wealth of experience as a video producer and creates engaging educational content for teachers while also developing the 240 Tutoring brand and image and highlighting just how fun learning test standards can be!
EPP Success Manager
His 15 years of experience in business sales with a focus in Education Technology gives Parker a definite advantage as an EPP Success Manager at 240 Tutoring. Parker primarily builds relationships with programs located on the East and West Coasts and both his drive to excel and enthusiasm for his work are evident to the 240 Tutoring team and anyone he comes in contact with.
Customer Care Agent
Melissa is dedicated to ensuring that everyone who contacts 240 Tutoring has the best experience possible. Her previous administrative experience allows her to assist customer needs with a thorough and detailed approach. When she’s not supporting the customer care team, she can be found spending time with her family and cheering on the Grizzlies and Memphis Tigers football.
CRQ Curriculum Coordinator
Emma dedicated eight years to teaching in diverse, Title 1 elementary schools, where she led and supported her team and set a high bar for student performance. A few of Emma’s notable accomplishments include developing and launching a Spanish dual language immersion program and earning a Master of Teaching degree from Virginia Commonwealth University. Emma brings her extensive teaching experience and a passion for writing to her new role as CRQ Curriculum Coordinator.
Sales Administrator
Alyx comes to 240 Tutoring by way of Macmillan Learning, where she spent almost 9 years working closely with sales reps, educators, and colleagues from a wide variety of departments within the company. As Sales Operations Manager she utilizes her skillset while also finding ways to leverage her Philosophy degree from Boston College and meet her spouse! Alyx feels a strong connection to problem-solving and education, which is a big part of what motivated her to the 240 Tutoring team.
Social Media Coordinator
Lauren joins the 240 Team after graduating from the University of Delaware where she took on not one, but two languages - English and Spanish. She puts her social media and customer experience to work to provide prompt and helpful responses to customers no matter which platform they reach out on. Lauren loves spending time at the beach with her family, gardening, sudoku, and all things Disney.
Customer Care Agent
Terry has spent the last three years enjoying all that Chicago has to offer after graduating with a Digital Media Communications degree from the University of Lynchburg in Virginia. When he’s not helping customers, Terry has plenty of hobbies to fall back on - sports, music, reading, and puzzles all top the list!
Customer Care Agent
Zach uses his desire to help others gain understanding and achieve their goals to be a successful player on the customer care team. He is also passionate about traveling, thanks to doing so much of it growing up as an “army brat”. If he’s not planning out his next adventure, you can usually find him playing or watching hockey - Go Avs!
Senior UX Designer
As a UX designer, Megan’s main focus is simplifying complex matters and discovering innovative solutions. She’s spent the past 6 years putting her user experience skills to work in a variety of contexts - and continents! Megan also appreciates a well-crafted typeface, trying out new culinary dishes inspired by cooking shows and reading about psychology and design.
Curriculum Coordinator
Sarah brings her experience developing STEM and SEL curriculum for K-12 students to her role as a curriculum coordinator for 240. Prior to developing curriculum, she spent 10 years in the classroom in Chicago’s suburbs, teaching middle and high school math and science. Her hobbies include almost anything that allows her to spend time outside, and she and her husband have a goal to visit every U.S. National Park!
Director of Technology Management
Mike specializes in growing high performance software product development teams. He is deeply invested in the benefits of high competence technical leadership and management aligned closely with customer satisfaction. Mike has worked as Chief Engineer for the US-VISIT Biometric program, Senior Director of platform development for Rosetta Stone’s language learning products and Senior Director of Content Creation and Publication platforms for Pearson’s online and blended learning business. He is committed to supporting leading-edge, industrialized development techniques that maximize superior talent acquisition and continuously honing a business aligned attitude within the technology elements of a product organization.
Senior Financial Strategist
Tom has invested a decade in the public accounting and corporate tax industry, working for small businesses and a well-known pizza chain. He’s joining the 240 team to focus on accounting, finance, compliance, internal controls - pretty much anything to do with money. He has lived and worked in three different time zones, but currently makes his home in Florida with his wife and three kids.

Our Values

This is a big one. Not only do we care for ourselves and our individual roles, we also care for other members of our team. We take care in our work, paying attention to what we’re doing and doing our best every day. We keep a pulse on what’s going on around us and what may impact the teacher candidates we serve. And we always treat anyone who interacts with 240 Tutoring with the utmost consideration and care.
Produce Excellence
When we commit to doing something, we commit to doing it well. We work hard to ensure that anything with the 240 Tutoring logo on it receives our best input and best effort. And if that isn’t the case, we humbly receive feedback and work to address the issues.
Know Reality and Change it Deliberately
Let’s be real for a moment - anyone involved in education has to be at least a little bit of a dreamer. But just like a good teacher takes the time to evaluate students and then chart a course to get them where they need to be, we consider our reality and then work to implement plans and processes that are impactful and effective for us and for the teachers we serve.
Focus on the Important
Distraction is easy; staying focused is the harder task. We constantly evaluate whether the tasks and projects we devote our time to are important and contribute to the overall goals of 240 Tutoring. We prioritize what matters and let go of the things that don’t.
Add Positive Energy
No, we’re not just a bunch of happy-go-lucky Pollyannas. We’re real people and we acknowledge that work - and life - can be hard. But we do our best to stay optimistic no matter what the circumstance, to encourage our teammates when they’re having a bad day and to treat anyone who interacts with 240 Tutoring just like we would a friend - with kindness, respect and positive energy.
Anticipate Tomorrow
We’re in this for the long haul. We’re not after short-term solutions or bottom-dollar based decisions. We look ahead to the future and evaluate our actions and choices based on more than just our feelings in the moment. We hope for the best, plan for the worst, and course-correct quickly when we need to.
Think, Speak and Write Clearly
Communication is important. Clear communication is even better. We strive to make sure that we think, speak and write as clearly as we can in both our personal and internal communication and with anything we publish on behalf of 240 Tutoring.

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