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Founded in October 2010 with the goal of preparing teachers for their certification exams, 240 Tutoring has been faithfully serving teachers and equipping them by offering quality, comprehensive study guides. 240 Tutoring offers online, comprehensive study guides that are guaranteed to prepare a future teacher for their certification exam. Every 240 Tutoring study guide comes with the 240 Tutoring Guarantee, diagnostic tests, and the most comprehensive resources available!

Meet the Team


Chief Executive Officer

A former teacher, Scott was motivated to start 240 Tutoring while working as the testing coordinator at an alternative certification program in Texas. Since it launched in the fall of 2010, Scott has grown 240 Tutoring into the best resource for teacher test preparation.


Director of Curriculum

Experience as a science teacher and as Director of STEM Content at Macmillan Learning taught Clairissa how to create the best curriculum for any learning environment. Since joining 240 Tutoring in mid-2018, Clairissa led the redesign of all of 240 Tutoring’s curriculum to ensure it was aligned to every learning standard of every test in every study guide the company offers. Her detailed, scientific approach to curriculum creation delivers the most comprehensive and aligned study guides available.


Director of Technology

Formerly the Chief Technology Officer at BossFight Entertainment, a mobile gaming company, and a Principal Engineer at Zynga, Ryan understands how to architect and execute large-scale, engaging, easy-to-use applications. His years of experience have been poured into 240 Tutoring’s proprietary technology, developing the framework for an intuitive and adaptable study guide program.


Director of Marketing

A first-grade teacher for six years, Maegan received her MBA from the University of North Texas in 2017 and joined 240 Tutoring in the summer of 2018. Maegan’s classroom experience, enthusiasm for learning, and business acumen equips her to ensure users get the best customer experience. She is constantly looking for new ways to WOW! customers and improve their studying experience.



Joining the team in late 2016, Jordan began working on website development for 240 Tutoring. However, she consistently proved her talent and eye for design. Jordan has worked herself into a role as Designer for 240 Tutoring and is currently responsible for ensuring all aspects of 240 Tutoring’s design make studying easier and more enjoyable for customers.


Curriculum Specialist

After teaching for nine years, Blair was recruited by 240 Tutoring to clinch the curriculum team’s ability to adapt to the ever-changing demands of teacher test preparation. Blair has quickly become an expert on each state’s test standards, helping ensure every study guide is comprehensive and 100% aligned for each and every test. 


Educator Preparation Program Success Manager

No one loves empowering Educational Preparation Programs (EPPs) with test preparation more than Nacole. With eight years of experience exceeding EPPs expectations, Nacole excels in understanding the test prep needs of students and working with EPPs to empower their students to pass the exam.


Customer Support

With a former life as an insurance agent, Tonia is no stranger to helping those who need it most. Tonia loves going above and beyond, offering customers a personalized solution instead of just a basic response. Tonia’s technical prowess and quick mastery of new tools ensures 240 Tutoring uses the best, most up-to-date tools and systems to support all of our customers, all the time.


Customer Support

Helping customers is Rachel’s goal – and she does it well. Formerly an event planner for Acts 29 and a grant writer, Rachel has the ability to quickly understand and solve problems. She is one of the big reasons 240 Tutoring has amazing customer service.


Customer Support

Madeline aims to provide the best customer service experience possible. Having been a teacher’s assistant, Madeline knows the hard work that teachers put in and just how valuable they are. She’s here to help support customers as they navigate their path to becoming a teacher.

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Our online study guides will break down exactly what you need to know, what to study, and in what order to study. Each study guide comes equipped with instructional content, flashcards*, and authentic practice questions to make sure you are 100% prepared to pass.

And at the end of studying, take our official 240 Tutoring full-length practice test. If you score a 90% on the practice test, you are eligible for the 240 Tutoring Guarantee- which means if you fail you are entitled to 2 months of your subscription refunded (see full terms here).

*Flashcards available in select study guides.

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