What is the Praxis®️ Test?

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What is the Praxis®️ Test?

Well, first of all, it’s a series of tests. There isn’t just one Praxis®️ test but quite a few. The exams cover everything from content-knowledge in subjects like Art and Biology, to pedagogical knowledge (how to teach), to basic reading, writing, and math skills. The governmental education agencies of select states that use Praxis®️ tests decide what tests prospective teachers need to take. Each education agency also determines the passing scores for each test. If you are curious about the Praxis®️ tests your state requires and the passing scores, check out this Praxis®️ states and passing scores resource.

When to Take the Praxis®️ Test

You may be asking yourself why and when you have to take a Praxis®️ test. Many state education agencies use Praxis®️ exams to decide whether or not prospective teachers are ready to enter a teacher preparation program or step into their own classroom (after finishing a teacher preparation program).

In the states that use Praxis®️, people usually have to pass a Praxis®️ test to get into a teacher preparation program; then, those same people will have to pass at least 2 exams after completing the teacher preparation program to become certified teachers. There may even be a Praxis®️ test you have to complete during a teacher preparation program.

This means you’ll probably need to take a Praxis®️ test (most likely, the Praxis®️ Core) while you are a college sophomore—when you are almost done with your basic courses and applying for admission into a teacher preparation program. However, each school is different. Then, you’ll take more Praxis®️ tests (Praxis®️ Subject tests) at the end of your teacher certification program—probably before you begin student teaching. Again, each school is different, but these are the most common timelines.

What to Expect on a Praxis®️ Test

So, what does a Praxis®️ test look like? All Praxis®️ tests are computer-delivered. You’ll have to register online to take each one. It’s a really easy process, and there will be clear directions on where to go, what to bring, and what to expect. If you are ready to register to take a Praxis®️ test, you can do so on the Praxis®️ Registration page.

The Praxis®️ tests have different kinds of questions like selected-response and constructed-response. There are many different kinds of selected-response questions, like single-select multiple-choice and multiple-select multiple-choice. There are different strategies and approaches you can use for each type of question.

Constructed-response questions are like essay or short-answer questions. You’ll need to make a plan before writing your answer. If you need a little practice with CRQs, take a look at the 240Tutoring Constructed Response Guide.

How to Prepare for the Praxis®️

The most important step for you to take before taking a Praxis®️ test is to adequately prepare yourself. This means finding proven, trustworthy, guaranteed preparation materials and giving yourself enough time to study. Lucky for you, 240Tutoring has proven, trustworthy, and guaranteed study guides and practice tests.

Do you want free Praxis®️ test preparation materials? Take a look at our Praxis®️ prep page.

It’s a great start in your Praxis®️ preparation.

Praxis®️ Study Guides

If you are ready to take your Praxis®️ exam but feel a little unsure if you are prepared, we recommend enrolling in a 240Tutoring Praxis®️ study guide. Each study guide comes with our 240Tutoring Guarantee, so you have nothing to lose by signing up today!

So, if you have to take a Praxis®️ test, don’t worry! Give yourself enough time to prepare and before you know it, you’ll be stepping into your own classroom.