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GACE – Practice Test & Information [Updated 2019]

Frequently Asked Questions: Dates, Fees, & More

What are the GACE exams?

GACE stands for Georgia Assessments for the Certification of Educators. Prospective teachers in Georgia are required to pass specific GACE exams before obtaining certification.

The GACE exams are created and administered by ETS.

Who takes a GACE exam?

Candidates seeking 1.) admission to an educator preparation program, 2.) educator certification in Georgia, or 3.) to become highly qualified in a specific subject are required to take one or more GACE exam.

To see which GACE exams you need to take, click here.

When and where do I take a GACE exam?

GACE exams are offered during “testing windows” throughout the year. To see the testing windows for the 2018-2019 testing year, click here.

Test centers for GACE exams are located throughout the state, nation, and world; however, not every exam is offered at every test center location. Click here to use the Test Center Search tool.

What are the GACE test fees?

GACE test fees vary by exam.

For exam-specific test fees, click here.

How are GACE exams structured?

Most GACE exams are computer-delivered. The exams include selected-response and/or constructed-response questions.

What do I need to bring to the test center?

You must bring one current, government-issued ID document (with your photograph and signature) in English. Make sure your name on your identification matches the name in which you registered. 

How long are the GACE exams?

Session length varies by exam.

For exam-specific session lengths, click here.

Can I use a calculator on a GACE exam?

Some GACE exams provide an online calculator, but you are not allowed to bring your own. 

What are the testing policies for the GACE exams?

Take a look at the test center procedures and regulations here.

How are the GACE exams scored?

Each test or subtest is scored on a scale from 100 to 300. Passing scores vary by exam and certification level, but the passing scores for most content assessment exams are 220 (induction level) and 250 (professional level).

For tests with selected-response questions only, you will be able to see your unofficial score immediately after testing.

For score reporting dates, click here.

To understand more about how the GACE exams are scored, click here.

How do I pass a GACE exam?

To pass a GACE exam, you must first understand what is on the exam and what you will be expected to know. The best way is to review the 240Tutoring test breakdown materials and practice questions. Once you identify areas of weakness, you can begin targeting those areas with instructional content and practice questions.

Can I retake a GACE exam?

Yes, you can retake a GACE exam, but you have to wait 30 days in between testing sessions. 

How do I register for a GACE exam? 

You can register online for a GACE exam right here.

GACE Practice Test and Study Material

You have access to very basic preparation materials through ETS; however, these materials are very limited and do not address the exam content in depth (which is what you need to be successful). Take a look at those materials here.

For more thorough preparation, use trusted resources like 240Tutoring to learn and explore content, review practice questions, and take full-length practice exams.

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