What Is the 240 Tutoring Guarantee?

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We are so confident that you will pass your teacher certification exams using our Study Guides, that we created the 240 Tutoring Guarantee. It is our commitment to you.

The 240 Tutoring Guarantee is if a user scores 90% on our Practice Test at the end of the study guide but fails the exam, then they are eligible for a money-back refund of up to two months of their subscription (see our Terms of Use for full details).

The idea is if a user demonstrates mastery of our study guide but fails the exam, then 240 Tutoring did not uphold its responsibility and the user deserves a refund.

Here Is Why We Believe in the 240 Tutoring Guarantee

Our curriculum teams follows a rigorous process in creating our study guides. We study the standards and competencies for every exam and cross-reference them with the current and previous questions used by the official testing entity. We then work with our content and teaching experts to distill that into the core information test-takers need to know. This is what we mean when we say our study guides are test-aligned.

To Be Eligible for a Refund, the Test-Taker Must:

  1. Earn 90% on the “Practice Test” in the study guide. This must be achieved prior to taking the exam. The exam title on the test taken must be the exact match to the 240 Tutoring Study Guide used for preparation.
  2. Take the exam within 30 days of the end of the 240 Tutoring study guide subscription. If the user’s subscription ends on January 1, then the test must be taken within 30 days of January 1 to be eligible for a refund.
  3. Provide a copy of the official score report to 240 Tutoring. This score report must be free of tampering, and both first and last names must match the name on the 240 Tutoring account. Score reports can be emailed to helpdesk@240tutoring.com. 240 Tutoring reserves the right to request a paper copy of the score report for verification.
  4. Request a refund within three months of the failed exam attempt.

Once the guarantee refund is given, 240 Tutoring will remove the study guide, user progress and reports from the user’s account.

You can read more about the 240 Tutoring Guarantee here.