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The Expert Guide to The GACE: Costs

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This article is all about the costs associated with registering for and taking a GACE exam. If this applies to you, keep reading!

Are you getting ready to take a GACE test but wondering what it’ll cost you? If you take the test and fail, are you allowed to retake it? How many retake attempts do you get to pass an exam? If these are some of your questions, you’re in luck! We’ll help you understand the costs of each exam so you’re prepared. We’ll talk about what happens if you fail and go through the number of times you’re allowed to retake an exam. We’ll also list any other costs associated with taking a GACE exam.

So let’s get started!

How much does it cost to take a GACE exam?

You’ll want to be aware of any testing fees for the GACE exam. Let’s look at how much it costs to take a GACE exam so you’re prepared.

A $25.00 registration fee and $28.00 test center fee are included in these costs with the exception of the ASLPI.

How many attempts do you get to pass a GACE test?

Failing a GACE exam can be devastating but we have good news!

With the exception of the Georgia Ethics Assessments, you can retake most GACE exams until you receive a passing score. When retaking the Georgia Ethics Assessments you get only five attempts to pass.

Make sure you’re prepared for your GACE exam with a GACE study guide that has a pass guarantee. Each 240 Tutoring study guide comes with the 240 Tutoring Guarantee: if you earn a 90% or higher on our full-length practice test and are unsuccessful on the exam, 240 Tutoring will provide a refund for up to two months of your subscription!

What happens if you fail a GACE test?

No one is preparing to fail a GACE test but it is good to know what happens if you do.

If you do not pass your GACE exam you can retake the exam 30 calendar days after your last test date. All exams have a 30-day retest wait period except for the Paraprofessional Exam, which has a wait of 28 calendar days from your testing date.

During the 28- or 30-day calendar wait time you’ll want to start studying and preparing to retake your exam. To help you study you’ll want to have access to a study guide that will help you pass. 240 Tutoring offers a GACE study guide with a pass guarantee you can rely on.

Are there any other costs associated with taking a GACE test?

You might be wondering if there are any other testing costs we haven’t covered. Let’s talk about some other costs you might come across.

If you need to change the test center, date, or time it costs $25.

If you need to cancel a test you will receive a refund of 50% of the testing fee as long as you cancel three calendar days before your testing appointment.

If you’re taking the GACE internationally there is a $50 test site fee. There might also be a $20 proctor fee on the day of the test that must be paid in cash.

Hopefully, we’ve answered all your questions about the cost of a GACE exam!

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