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Are you wanting to become a teacher in Georgia? If so, you are probably getting ready to take the GACE. You might be wondering what the GACE is and how you know what test to take. We’re here to answer your questions about what it is and who has to take the exams. We’ll also give you information about which GACE test you have to take.

This is stuff you need to know. So let’s dive in!

What is the GACE?

The GACE is a set of state-approved educator certification tests for Georgia. The purpose of the GACE is to test the knowledge and skills needed to be an educator in the state of Georgia.

Understanding the test structure and the kinds of questions the GACE asks is important to know before you take your exam. The 240 Tutoring GACE Ultimate Guides break down each test to help you better understand what the GACE will look like. Each Ultimate Guide also comes with practice tests to help you study.

240 Tutoring also offers full study guides for many of the GACE exams.

Who has to take the GACE?

You might be wondering who is required to take the GACE. We’ll give you some resources to help you learn more about the GACE program and exams.

Anyone who plans on being an educator in the state of Georgia will have to pass a GACE exam. Which GACE exam you’ll need to take depends on what area of education you want to teach in.

If it is your first time taking a GACE exam, you can find more information about which exam to take from GACE.

If you’re moving to Georgia or have general questions about the GACE program you can find more information on the GACE website.

What GACE test do I have to take?

Once you have started or finished an educator preparation program you’ll want to start looking into what GACE tests you’ll need to take.

You can find out the required GACE exams you’ll need to pass to be able to earn your certification.

240 Tutoring offers study guide and Ultimate Guide support for many of these exams:

*Requires additional exam for certification.

You’ll also want to double-check and make sure your educator preparation program is an approved program in Georgia. You can find more information on test eligibility from the Georgia Professional Standards Commission.

You’ll need to request approval to test from the GACE website.

Hopefully, we’ve answered your questions about what the GACE is and you know which exams you need to take!

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