The Learning Liaisons Reviewed

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What’s in This Review?

The Learning Liaisons Snapshot


  • Varies depending on product, $55-299


  • FTCE, Praxis® Core study material

Product Comparison



  • Video-based program
  • Individualized tutoring and essay feedback
  • Responsive Customer Service


  • Can be expensive
  • Limited question bank
  • Limited exam offerings

Quick Take

The Learning Liaisons offers a diverse range of study resources for a limited number of exams – some FTCE and Praxis® Core.

What makes them stand out is their add-on services, like individualized tutoring and video feedback/grading for essays. However, this also means their programs can get expensive quickly.

A notable difference to other study programs is that they don’t consider theirs to be a study guide, and actually link to other study resources to be used in conjunction with their program.

Both the CEO and the company seem to be very well-connected to their customers and receive high ratings on Facebook. They do offer an affiliate program so purchasers can earn money by having other people sign up to use their resources.

Teachers looking for a customizable study experience without a study guide will likely appreciate The Learning Liaisons’ approach to test preparation.

Questions per Study GuideLimited, 300+ available for additional $19.991300+ for GK complete
Cost for Online Study Guide$55-299$39.99 monthly all-access subscription
Some Study Guides Have VideosYes, courses are video-drivenYes, 40+ for GK complete
Webinars for ExamYes, $75+Yes, $9.99
Large Selection of Free Resources on WebsiteNo FAQs or user resourcesYes, general and test-specific resources and user helps
FlashcardsYes, also available on quizlet for freeYes, 180+ for GK complete
Other?No advertised product guaranteesAll study guides backed by 240 Tutoring Guarantee

The Learning Liaisons Full Review

The Full Scoop on The Learning Liaisons

The Learning Liaisons offers online study resources for FTCE, FELE and Praxis® exams. The company was founded by Dr. Jason Ampel, who acts as a very forward-facing and accessible CEO.

The company offers resources at a variety of different price points. For example, the GK math boot camp is available for 60 days and costs $75, can be bundled with two practice tests and workshop recordings for $135 or accessed along with all offered FTCE content for up to a year for $299.

One important thing to note is the website is very clear their resources should not be considered a ‘study guide’ and operate more as content review. The overall focus of the courses targets test setup and structure, with test-taking strategies included.

The content is not practice-question heavy and relies primarily on videos to do the bulk of instructing. More practice questions can be purchased as an add-on in addition to the boot camp cost, generally 200-300 for $19.99.

Test competencies are broken down into modules, with a video skill overview and sample problems worked out on-screen. The provided quizzes do contain explanation videos, which is a nice feature. Flashcards are included with the boot camp, and there interactive options available for reviewing flashcards and vocabulary.

The basic boot camp comes with one practice test, and two more practice tests are available as add-ons for $25 each. The practice test is a full-length, timed test and does video solutions to cover each question. The program recommends printing out a bubble form to record answers on, as there is no score report or section where all answer choices are shown.

Overall, the user interface is easy to navigate and there are quite a few features built in – including an extra resources section (paid, not free resources), the ability to follow other program users, and achievement badges and awards.

In addition to the online study programs, workshops and webinars are also available. The Learning Liaisons also advertises individual or group tutoring sessions and essay grading, which are also add-on services available at an additional cost.

One thing to note is that while the claim “when you pass, not if you pass” is featured prominently on the website and purchase pages, there is no actual guarantee to backs that promise up. There are also no free resources on the website and the FAQ page appears to be a broken link.

The Learning Liaisons has a lot to offer – a well-designed, easy to navigate website, a forward-facing and engaged CEO, and a clear promise. However, the study program lacks a true study guide and comprehension checks throughout the course are more focused on test strategies than content. Additionally, the program can get expensive quickly by adding practice questions, practice tests or individualized help.