Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages Scoring Guide

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If you’re considering a career in teaching middle school students in Illinois, you may have come across the Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages exam. This exam is vital in assessing your knowledge and skills in middle school mathematics. Understanding the scoring system and what it entails is crucial for preparing effectively. This article delves into everything you need about Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages exam scores.

Overview of the Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages Exam:

The Praxis ESOL exam is designed to evaluate your competency in 6 content categories:

  • Foundations of Linguistics
  • Foundations of Language Learning
  • Planning and Implementing Instruction
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Culture
  • Professionalism and Advocacy

The test consists of 120 selected-response questions and has a 2-hour time limit. Our Praxis 5362 exam breakdown expands more on the structure of the exam.

How the Exam is Scored

The raw score for the exam is calculated by summing up the questions you answered correctly. You are not penalized for incorrect answers, meaning you won’t lose points because you answered some questions incorrectly. The exam is scored by a machine.

Passing Score

To pass the Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages exam, you must receive a scaled score specified by your state. Praxis ESOL passing scores range between 140 and 163 depending on your state. Check the ETS website to find the passing score for your state.  In most cases, your score report will be automatically sent to your state education department after your exam. However, if you are taking the test in a state where you are not a resident and would like to send your score to that state’s education department, you must list them as a score recipient.

How Hard is the Praxis 5362 exam?

Approximately 12,000 people take the Praxis 5362 exam each year. Most test takers score between 168 and 185. We don’t have the exact passing rate, but the average score on the exam is 176. Since the passing score for the exam is between 140 and 163 (depending on what state you are in), it’s safe to say on average most people pass this exam.

Understanding Your Score Report

Your Praxis 5362 score report will include:

  • your score
  • whether you passed, based on the score recipients you selected
  • the range of possible scores
  • the raw points available in each content category
  • the range of the middle 50% of scores on that test
  • if you have taken the same test or other Praxis tests over the last 10 years, the highest score you earned on each test taken

To see an example of what your score report will look like, check out this ETS Praxis score report.

Raw Score: This is the total number of questions you answered correctly on the exam. Each correct answer contributes to your raw score.

Scaled Score: The raw score is then converted into a scaled score. The scaled score is a standardized score that takes into account the difficulty of the specific test version you took. It allows for fair comparisons across different versions of the exam.

Passing Score: Each state or institution sets its own passing score for Praxis exams. This passing score is typically based on the scaled score. If your scaled score meets or exceeds the passing score, you pass the exam.

Retaking the Exam

You can retake the test if you don’t pass the Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages exam. However, it’s crucial to carefully analyze your score report to identify areas of weakness and develop a targeted study plan to improve your performance in those subject areas.  To help you in future study or in preparing to retake the test, your score report shows how many “raw points” you earned in each content category. Compare your “raw points earned” with the maximum number of points you could have earned (“raw points available”). The greater the difference, the greater the opportunity to improve your score through further study.

If you wish to retake the Praxis 5362 exam, you must wait 28 days after your last attempt before you can take the exam again. You must complete the registration process and submit payment again to retake the exam. You must retake the entire exam, not just to portion you failed.


The Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages exam scores play a significant role in assessing your ability to become an ESOL teacher in elementary, middle, or high school. By understanding the scoring system, criteria, and passing score requirements, you can effectively prepare for the exam and increase your chances of success. Remember to utilize your score report as a valuable tool for identifying areas that need improvement, enabling you to focus your efforts and enhance your overall performance. With diligent preparation and a clear understanding of the exam, you’ll be well-equipped to excel in the Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages exam.

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What is the passing score for the Praxis (5362) English to Speakers of Other Languages exam?

The passing score for the Praxis 5362 exam is 155. This may vary by state, so always check the ETS website for your state’s passing score.

When will I receive my score report?

When you receive your score reports depends on when you took your exam. Visit the Praxis ETS website to discover what date you will receive your score report.

Do I need to get a specific score on each subarea of the Praxis 5362 exam?

No. You will receive one overall score for the exam. The score reports will show you how you did on each individual subarea, but this information is only reported to help you assess your strengths and weaknesses.

If I fail the exam am I allowed to retake it?

Yes, if you do not pass, you can retake the exam. Please note you must wait 28 days before you can register again. You will also have to submit pay once more to retake the exam.