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FTCE General Knowledge - Questions Quick Guide

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Preparing for your FTCE General Knowledge exam can be confusing, especially if you don’t know how many questions or what type of questions the GK exam asks. There are also so many resources available that it’s hard to know which resources will truly help you pass. Well, look no further, because we’re going to help bring you some clarity.

First, we’ll look at how many questions are on the General Knowledge exam. Then, we’ll break down the different kinds of questions and look specifically at essays and constructed-response questions. Finally, we’ll look at the best resources to help you pass your FTCE exam and show you where to find them.

We have a lot of ground to cover, so let’s get started.

How many questions are on the FTCE GK?

Knowing the number of questions is one of the first steps to prepare you for the General Knowledge exam. Let’s look at how many questions you’ll be answering.

The GK exam consists of four subtests with a combined total of 120 questions. The English Language Skills, Reading, and Mathematics subtests all have approximately 40 questions each. The last subtest is an essay test, consisting of one essay. Despite approximately equal numbers of questions, the testing time is different for each subtest.

More information can be found on the FTCE website about the General Knowledge exam.

What kinds of questions are on the FTCE General Knowledge (082)?

Now that you know how many questions are on your FTCE exam, let’s look at the kinds of questions you’ll be asked.

The General Knowledge has three subtests that have approximately a combined total of 120 selected-response questions. These questions are multiple-choice and have one correct answer choice.

The essay test consists of one essay on an assigned topic. You will need to structure your essay and check for grammatical errors as well as complete the essay in the time allowed. 240 Tutoring offers a great resource on how to answer constructed-response, or essay, questions.

FTCE‘s website offers more insight into essay questions to help better prepare you for this section of the exam.

Are there any essay questions on the FTCE General Knowledge?

Knowing the FTCE GK exam has an essay question can be scary. We’re here to tell you that it doesn’t have to be.

There is one essay question on the GK exam in which you’ll be asked to answer a topic by structuring an essay and checking for grammatical errors. A great resource to help you answer constructed-response questions is from 240 Tutoring.

What are the best resources for studying for the FTCE GK (082)?

Hopefully, now that you have a little background knowledge on the GK questions you’re feeling less confused about what to expect. To give you more clarity we’ll look at the best resources to help you study for the General Knowledge exam.

Who doesn’t love free resources? 240 Tutoring offers practice questions and an Ultimate Guide with a breakdown of each subtest. This is a great resource to better understand the questions that will be asked.

A study guide is one of the best ways to study for your FTCE exam. With 538 practice questions and over 200 pages of study material, this study guide from 240 Tutoring has everything you need to help you pass the GK exam.

The Florida Teacher Certification Examinations (FTCE) website provides multiple resources to help better prepare you for the General Knowledge exam.

If you’re looking for more detailed information about how to best prepare for the FTCE GK exam, check out this article, which is more specifically focused on preparing for the General Knowledge exam.

Now that you have the information to help prepare you for the questions you’ll be answering on the FTCE, you can get started on using these resources to help you pass the FTCE General Knowledge exam!

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