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FTCE General Knowledge - How To Prepare (And Pass)

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Is prepping for the FTCE General Knowledge exam making you nervous? Not knowing how hard the GK exam is, or whether you’ll even pass, can be worrisome. We’re here to help prepare you so you feel confident taking your exam.

First, we’ll talk about how hard the exam is, and then we’ll look at the best resources to study for the General Knowledge exam. We’ll look at where to find prepared study guides specific to your FTCE exam and how to use those study guides to pass. We’ll give you multiple resources to help you prepare to take the GK exam, including free resources! Finally, we’ll talk about how much you need to study and when you should begin studying to be ready to take your FTCE exam.

So, let’s get started!

How hard is the FTCE General Knowledge (082)?

The FTCE General Knowledge exam consists of content split into four subtests.

This General Knowledge test is intended to measure the content knowledge necessary to teach in the state of Florida. So you would think the GK exam has to be hard since it covers so much, right?

In simple terms, yes. The FTCE is challenging, but we’re going to give you all the resources you need to pass your exam.

A great place to start is the Florida Teaching Certification Examinations (FTCE) website, which includes more information about the competencies covered on the General Knowledge exam.

How do you pass the FTCE General Knowledge (082)?

Now that you know a little bit more about your FTCE exam, let’s look at how you can pass the GK.

You want to make sure you understand the types of questions that will be on the GK exam. Are there selected-response or constructed-response (essay) questions? Taking practice tests and looking at what content is on the General Knowledge exam will prepare you for success.

A great resource to better prepare you for the FTCE is the Ultimate Guide and Practice Test from 240 Tutoring. It has a breakdown of each subtest and information on the GK. It also has three practice tests to see how well you know the content.

How do you study for the GK?

Now that you have gathered your resources to prepare for your FTCE exam, we’ll talk about how you begin studying.

You want to first start by taking a practice test. This will help you to see what content you need to study more. Then, you’ll want to find a study guide to help you. A study guide is one of the best resources you can use to help you pass the General Knowledge exam. Luckily, 240 Tutoring has already prepared a study guide for you!

The FTCE website also has a Competency Mapping Activity to help you develop a study plan based on the courses you have taken in your teacher prep program.

Where do you find study guides for the FTCE GK?

There are many options for study guides you could use for the General Knowledge exam but we want you to have the best one! The 240 Tutoring study guides are thorough and thoughtfully developed — check out this video about their development process!

240 Tutoring stands behind the content of their study guides by offering a pass guarantee! This study guide, created specifically for the FTCE General Knowledge exam, will help prepare you to pass your GK exam.

How do you use study guides to study for the General Knowledge?

If you haven’t used a study guide before, you might not know how to use one. Or you might not know what a good study guide looks like.

240 Tutoring has a study guide with more than 500 practice questions and 209 pages of study material. You will use the study guide to learn more about the content on the test. In-depth explanations and examples are provided to help you better understand the content.

What better way to study than knowing your study guide has a pass guarantee? Each study guide comes with the 240 Tutoring Guarantee: if you earn a 90% or higher on a full-length practice test and are unsuccessful on the exam, 240 Tutoring will provide a refund for up to two months of your subscription!

Where do you find resources for the FTCE General Knowledge?

Knowing which resources are trustworthy can be tricky. You want to make sure the FTCE information you’re studying and reading is coming from a reliable source. Let’s look at where to find some resources that you can trust.

Information coming from the Florida Teaching Certification Examinations (FTCE) website is factual information you can trust. Specific test information about the General Knowledge exam can be found on the FTCE website.

The FTCE website also offers preparation resources to help you get ready to take your GK exam.

240 Tutoring is another place to find reliable resources and study materials. The homepage will explain how the monthly subscription works and what resources you gain access to. Don’t miss out on an in-depth study guide with more than 500 practice questions and 209 pages of study materials, as well as an Ultimate Guide, videos, and practice tests for your FTCE GK exam.

What are the best resources to use for FTCE GK?

Multiple resources are great but sometimes it’s hard to know which resources are best for helping you pass your FTCE exam.

The Ultimate Guide and Practice Test from 240 Tutoring is a great resource to start with to give you a preview of what the General Knowledge exam will look like.

The FTCE website offers multiple resources to help prepare you for your GK exam. It also shows you what competencies are covered.

Using your materials from your college prep courses is also great for supporting the content on the General Knowledge exam. The Ultimate Guide will help you gather resources that will benefit your study for the GK exam.

There are a lot of options, but Dr. Kristy Mulkey from 240 Tutoring can offer additional guidance on choosing the best resource for your situation.

When should you study for the FTCE GK (082)?

You now hopefully have a much better understanding of your FTCE exam. So, let’s talk about when you should start studying for your GK exam.

The General Knowledge exam covers a lot of content, so you want to make sure you allow adequate time before your registered testing appointment to study.

Start with a diagnostic test to see where your weaknesses lie. Once you have figured out your weaknesses, you can begin to set aside time each day to study.

After you have gotten through all of the study material, make sure you have enough time to review and take a practice test to see if you’re ready for your FTCE exam.

If you are in a tough spot and have a lot of studying to do in a short period of time, see if Dr. Mulkey’s tips can help you make the best of the time you do have!

How much should you study for the General Knowledge (082)?

The FTCE General Knowledge exam has a lot of content to study. So, how much do you need to study to pass?

Determining how well you do on a practice test will help you to know how much content you need to study. The more questions you miss, the more time needed to study.

Having access to practice tests and a prepared study guide is the best way to make sure you spend enough time studying. You want to make sure you’re prepared and feel confident about taking your FTCE General Knowledge exam.

So, what are you waiting for? Go get connected and get access to a study guide with a pass guarantee!

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