What We Mean When We Say Our Study Guides Are ‘Test-Aligned’

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Are Your Study Guides Aligned with My Test’s Standards?

We get this question a lot, and the answer is … YES!

Our curriculum team studies all of the standards and competencies for the exams we offer and cross-referenced them with the current and previous questions used by the testing company. We then work with content and teaching experts to distill down what a test-taker needs to know. We like to think we give test-takers everything they need and nothing they don’t!

In all of our 240 Tutoring Study Guides, we aim to re-create the voice and the rigor of each content area assessed. When creating the practice test, we research the blueprints of the exams and speak with teachers who have recently taken the test.

So we know what’s covered on the test, and that is what we put into our study guides and our practice tests. And you can see it too!

You are able to see the test standard and where it aligns in the study guide. When you login to your study guide, in the upper right next to the orange Diagnostic Test button is a magnifying glass.

240 Tutoring Test Standards

Click on the magnifying glass. A window will pop out titled Exam Standard.

240 Tutoring Test Standards

Click on the arrow or begin typing in the box with the word Select. A drop down will appear showing the test standards for that study guide.

240 Tutoring Test Standards

Click on the standard you want and the word Concepts appears with a link underneath it showing you where to find the material aligned with that standard.

240 Tutoring Test Standards

Click on the link and then the section with that information appears in the study guide with a green circle and a series of blue circles in the center.

240 Tutoring Test Standards

It’s as simple as that! No matter where you are in the study guide, you can always see how the concept you are learning is aligned to the test standards.

This is also why we feel 100% confident that you will pass your teacher certification tests when you use our Study Guides — and why we offer the 240 Tutoring Guarantee.