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Are You Concerned About Passing Your Teacher Certification Test?

You should be. It’s one of the most important stepping stone in realizing your career dream of becoming a certified teacher.

Did you know that many states require a lengthy waiting period of 30 to 60 days between testing attempts? That means if you fail to pass the certification test on your first attempt, you’ll have no choice but to wait weeks, or even months, to take it again. And with the high cost of taking each test between $120 to $225, the cost can add up to hundreds, even thousands, of dollars if you repeatedly fail it.

And the long waiting period between tests can lead to lost job opportunities and teaching income, especially during the summer months when schools are actively hiring for the upcoming school year.

That’s why it’s vital you’re fully prepared for the certification test so you can pass on your very first attempt.

240Tutoring makes you ready for this all-important test with our time-tested, guaranteed and easy-to-use study guides.

Wouldn’t it make more sense to invest in a study guide to guarantee you pass the certification test the first time, rather than spending hundreds of dollars on repeated testing?

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How Our Study Guides Work To Ensure You Pass The Certification Test On Your Very First Attempt!

Failure is not an option.  If you don’t pass, you don’t teach. Period. That’s why we’ve developed the most comprehensive and in-depth online study guides in the country, which enables you to fully prepare for your State’s unique test more efficiently and effectively. All resources are easily accessible via the 240Tutoring online application, which helps guide your studying, and also provides feedback on your performance through the assessment feature and practice question explanations.

We Never Include Cookie-Cutter Content In Our Study Guides

Why have our Study Guides successfully helped thousands of students obtain their teaching certificates, and are highly recommended by Universities throughout the country?  Besides being jam-packed with the highest caliber of instructional content, we never include generic material. Each State-specific study guide contains the most current and up-to-date instructional materials for their unique certification test. We meticulously stay on top of any changes so each State’s study guide reflects the most current instructional and testing materials.

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How It Works

240Tutoring offers online study guides that enable students to studying more efficiently and more effectively. All resources are accessible via the 240Tutoring online application, which helps guide student’s studying and offers feedback on student performance through the assessment feature and practice question explanations. Utilizing 240Tutoring study guides is a simple 3 step process.

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Reviews from Customers

  • WORTH EVERY $$$$$ 

    I used 240 tutoring to take the EC-12 PPR, 4-8 English Language Arts, and the EC-6 Generalist Exams. I passed all 3 on the first try! I PROMISE that you will not be disappointed with this site. Before I knew about 240 tutoring, I ordered another study material first. I was so disappointed because the amount of study material was overwhelming and unmanageable. Most of it seemed to be irrelevant and the study questions were not comparable to TeXes. My University recommended 240 tutoring and it was the best help I could have ever been given because the material is broken down into manageable sections, and it excludes all the extra fluff that other study materials contain. With 240 tutoring you get the study material that you need! It is definitely worth every penny. I wouldn't have passed without it.

    Tanya Bain
  • It Works

    I was able to pass my Social Studies exam the first time around. The question may not have been the same as the OAE, but it did help me how to select the right answers.

    Jack Moutoux
  • Passed on the 1st try!

    I needed the ESL/EC-6 certification for a Special Education Co-Teach job I'd recently accepted. When I first became a teacher in Texas in 2002, all that was needed to be a co-teacher was the Special Education certification, but now the additional "area specific" certifications are required. Anyway, I signed up for 240 tutoring the first part of June. By June 12, I had taken my pre-assessments. I did not do so well. I began studying immediately, knowing that test day (July 8th) would be upon be before I knew it. I took my final assessment through 240 tutoring on July 7th. My cumulative score was 95.2%. Well, my scores were posted this morning and I passed!! 277 out of 300! (92%) I would recommend 240 tutoring to ANYONE needing additional Texas certifications!

    Leah S.
  • Studying for my EC-12 PPR

    Although I will not be taking my EC-12 PPR exam until next month, 240Tutoring seems to have a lot of information pertinent to the test. I find the practice questions helpful between assessments. I study a lot on my own for the exam, but I wanted additional tutoring to focus my studies on specific topics for the exam. The tutorial package I purchased was around $80.00, and I hope I do well next month!

    Tiara Stepp
  • Feel much better prepared

    I feel so much better prepared for my elementary generalist exams. I purchased the study guide for this test and found the questions to be very helpful. I would recommend 240Tutoring to a friend because I feel it gives you a basic outline for what you will find on the test.

    Rachel Evans
  • Failed Generalist first time. Signed up with 240 tutoring and passed it on the second time.

    The first time I took the EC - 6 Generalist, I failed it. One day I signed up with 240 tutoring and studied it daily for 5 weeks. I passed with a 245. After feeling frustration with my tests, it gave me great comfort to finally see a light at the end of the tunnel.

    Kendall Vandrell
  • 240 Tutoring is the Way to Go!

    I purchased the GACE ECE study guide because I needed a structured approach to studying for the test. I was overwhelmed with all of the content that needed to be studied but 240Tutoring made it easy and manageable. When I went to take the GACE I felt confident and prepared. I passed the exam on my first try! I have already recommended 240Tutoring to several people who are about to take the GACE ECE.

    Elizabeth Cline
  • Wonderful site!

    Very helpful!

    Sunita Gupta
  • Passed on the First Try!

    I used 240 tutoring to study for the TexEs exam. I passed the exam on the first try. I was the only one to pass the exam out of a group of ten other students. They each had studied, but I was the only one who had used 240 tutoring. I made a 90 on each section. 80 is the lowest passing score for each section. I could not be more pleased with my experience!

  • Great Program!

    I like the program 240 tutoring because it helps with content as well as scenario questions. Which is great practice. It definitely is a confidence booster because as your doing the assessments you get better and better scores each time you take a new assessment. I really hope I pass this time! Good luck to you!


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