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240Tutoring Has Helped Over 10,000 Students Throughout America Pass Their Teacher Certification Exam!

How It Works

 240Tutoring offers online study guides that enable students to study more efficiently and more effectively. All resources are accessible via the 240Tutoring online application, which helps guide student’s studying and offers feedback on student performance through the assessment feature and practice question explanations. Utilizing 240Tutoring study guides is a simple 3 step process.

Reviews From Our Valuable Customers

  • So Glad I Used This Site!

    I have been teaching middle school for 16 years. I decided to get my CORE EC-6 certificate. I passed all portions except the Social Studies. I am (was) horrible at history, and honestly didn't know if I would ever pass that portion. Luckily while I was waiting for the test to start a former student told me about 240 Tutoring in case I failed any portions. I registered for the CORE Subjects Ec-6 Social Studies study guide and I set a schedule, and studied for about 45 days. I passed with flying colors. I am SO glad I found out about this site! I would highly recommend it to anyone trying to pass the tests! Thank you!

    Krissey Byrd

Students have guaranteed results when using 240Tutoring study guides. Each study guide comes with the 240Tutoring Guarantee- if a students earns a 95% Cumulative Score or higher on our study guides and is unsuccessful on the test, 240Tutoring will provide a full money-back refund!


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