STR Test Overview and Tips for Test-Takers

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TExES Science of Teaching Reading (STR) Practice Test

STR Test Overview and Tips for Test Takers

Teacher candidates planning for any elementary, and most middle school, certification in Texas are required to take the Science of Teaching Reading (293) exam as part of the certification process. This assessment includes both 90 multiple-choice and one constructed-response case study-based question.

Science of Teaching Reading Exam Overview

The Science of Teaching Reading (STR) exam presents 90 selected-response questions and 1 CRQ (constructed-response question) during the 4 hours and 45 minutes of testing time.

The constructed-response question is based on a given case study focused on one student who has a weakness in foundational reading skills and comprehension. You’ll use your knowledge of teaching reading to write a response identifying their weaknesses and explaining how the teacher should address them.

The STR exam covers four domains – Reading Pedagogy, Reading Development: Foundational Skills, Reading Development: Comprehension, and Analysis & Response.

Who Needs To Take It?

The STR exam is a required test for all teacher candidates who will teach students PK-6.. This applies to anyone taking the EC-3 (292), EC-6 (391), CORE 4-8 (211) and ELA 4-8 (113 or 117) exams. Teachers seeking EC-12 SPED certification are not required to take the STR exam at this time.

STR Certification Area and Required Exams

Certified teachers already employed in Texas school districts have until the start of the 2022-2023 school year to attend a ‘Reading Academy’ focused on the reading science strategies and implementation covered in the exam. All other teacher candidates must pass the STR exam to fulfill certification requirements.

When Should You Start Studying?

Now! The STR exam tests your classroom readiness to teach reading in its entirety. That’s a lot of material! Study guides are a great place to begin covering that material. 

Not sure if you need to study? Take a free practice test to see how you do. 

The STR exam is given year-round. Scores may take up to 28 days to be reported. So, don’t wait until the last minute! Start studying now to be ready for the test when you need it.

The Science of Teaching Reading (STR) study guide from 240 Tutoring is now available – STR Study Guide

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