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It depends on how you study! If you take our free practice tests and enroll in our study guides we are confident you will pass. In fact, we're so confident we guarantee you will pass. At the end of the free practice test you will receive a score report and your personalized, study plan-to-pass the Cbest Reading . Follow this plan and you will be ready come test day!

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Welcome to 240 Tutoring’s free practice test for the CBEST Reading exam! Passing the CBEST Reading exam is a critical step towards receiving your California teaching certificate. We’ve developed this practice test to give you an idea of what to expect on the actual CBEST Reading exam and to serve as a diagnostic assessment to help you study.

Our practice test will cover every concept tested on the CBEST Reading and will mimic the format and question types of the real exam. By taking this practice test, you will gain a better understanding of the exam’s structure and content, helping you identify specific areas you may need to improve upon before taking the official test.

We hope that this practice test will help you gain the confidence you need to pass the CBEST Reading exam and progress towards your career goals. Good luck!

CBEST Reading Practice Test Overview

The practice test will consist of 50 multiple choice questions covering 6 concepts. The number of questions for each concept are proportional to the weight of that concept used in the official scoring of the CBEST Reading.

The concepts covered in the CBEST Reading practice test include:
Main Ideas, Logic and Evidence, Writing Style and much more!

Practice Test Format

You will have unlimited time to complete all 50 questions on the CBEST Reading practice test. You will not be allowed to skip questions during the practice test. Each question must have a marked answer before proceeding to the next question.


The CBEST Reading practice test is scored on a range of 0 to 100. More importantly, the practice test score report will include your performance by concept.

Once answered, each question will provide immediate feedback on the correct answer and you will receive a full score report and study plan if you complete the practice test in its entirety.

How to use the CBEST Reading Practice Test

A practice test can be an effective tool for the CBEST Reading if you use it correctly! Follow these tips to get the most out of your free CBEST Reading test:

  • Mimic test day conditions to the best of your ability. Set aside enough time to take the full practice test. Take the test in a quiet area with minimal distractions. Do not take the practice test with open notes.
  • Use the practice test as a diagnostic tool to assess your strengths and weaknesses.
  • Develop a study plan based on your score report prioritizing the important CBEST Reading concepts where you need improvement.
  • Use 240 Tutoring! At the end of the practice test we will provide you with a personalized study plan based on your results to use right within our study guides!


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