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If you are preparing to take an NES exam, you are probably curious about how much it costs to take it. You are probably also wondering what happens if you fail an NES test and how many attempts you get to pass a test. Don’t worry, because we will answer all these questions and more.

In this article, we will show you the fees associated with the exams. We will also tell you how you might qualify for a fee waiver. This article will help you figure out what you need to do if you fail an exam and how many attempts you get to pass an NES test. If there are any other fees associated with the exams, we will sort them out.

Time to get started.

How much does it cost to take an NES exam?

Most NES exams cost $95 even though they vary in length. There are two NES exams that have a different fee because they include multiple subtests:

  • Essential Academic Skills: $50 for one subtest, $75 for two subtests, $100 for three subtests, or $125 for all four subtests
  • Elementary Education: $50 for one subtest, $95 for both subtests

You must use a Visa or MasterCard credit or debit card to pay for the test when you register. If you don’t have a credit card or debit card, you can contact NES customer service to find out how to pay with a check. Specifics about the registration process can be found in “NES Test Registration Information.

It is possible to get a fee waiver. To be eligible for a fee waiver, you must:

  • be enrolled in an undergraduate or graduate program
  • currently be receiving financial aid
  • meet other specific income eligibility guidelines

For more information waiving the exam fee, visit the NES website here.

How many attempts do you get to pass an NES test?

You can retake an NES test as many times as you need. The only stipulation is that you must wait 30 days between retakes. To retake an exam, you need to register on the NES website (or your state’s testing website) and pay the test fees. Make sure to schedule the retake at least 30 days past the original test.

Be at the testing center on time. If you arrive late, they will not let you enter, and you won’t receive a credit or refund of any kind. The same applies if you don’t show up. One way to ensure that you arrive on time is to check the traffic on the route to your testing center before the day of your test to make sure you leave enough time to get there. Dr. Kristy Mulkey has many helpful tips for the day before and the day of your exam in this video tutorial.

What happens if you fail an NES test?

The good news about failing an NES test is that you now know your weaknesses regarding the test. Also, you can retake a test 30 days after the original test. To retake a test, you need to register on the NES website and pay the test fees. Make sure to schedule the test at least 30 days after the original test date.

Before retaking a test, it is good to use a test-aligned study guide and practice test. The practice test will allow you to focus on areas where you need to study the most. Using a study guide will enable you to spend more time studying instead of gathering study materials. Let someone else do that hard work of researching studying material. Check out the list of NES resources below, and visit this link for the great NES test-aligned practice tests and study guides.

Are there any other costs associated with taking an NES test?

The only fees associated with taking an NES test are the test fees. The test fees are usually $95, but some tests have different fees because they include subtests. The Essential Academic Skills exam fees are $50 for one subtest, $75 for two subtests, $100 for three subtests, and $125 for all four subtests. The Elementary Education exam fees are $50 for one subtest or $95 for both subtests.

The only other cost that could be associated with taking a test is the cost of a test-aligned study guide and practice test. Purchasing a study guide saves you many hours. It is well worth the investment and can reduce the risk of having to take the exam multiple times. Look for study guides that are aligned with your specific exam and come with pass guarantees. Excellent study guides and practice tests for the most popular NES exams are available here.

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