Inspire Texas Reviewed

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What’s in This Review?

Inspire Texas at a Glance

    • Best

      • Online with In-Person Training
      • Works closely with school districts in Region 4 (Houston area)
      • Teacher, Principal, and Superintendent Certifications
    • Worst
      • One of the more expensive alternative programs in Texas
      • Regionally Focused (Houston area)
      • Inconsistent Customer Service
    • Price
      • $95 Application Fee
      • $1,300 Pre-Service Training Fee
      • $4,180 Program Fee
      • $5,575 Total Cost

Program Overview

Program Structure

Online and In-Person

Inspire Texas is both online and in-person. A teacher that signs up with Inspire Texas can choose to do in-person trainings or online trainings; it is the personal decision of the teacher.

Accreditation Status


According to Chapter 229 of the Texas Administrative Code, each EPP shall be held accountable to the rules of EPP accountability adopted by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).  Currently, Region 4 Inspire Texas holds an “Accredited” status with the SBEC.

Quick Take

Inspire Texas a large, regionally focused Alternative Certification Program in Texas. Officially, they are the Region 4 Service Center ACP. Based in Houston, they have a robust network with Houston-area school districts.

The certification process in Texas can be complex and navigating the process can be complicated. A good program will help their teachers navigate the process. Reviews at Inspire Texas indicate the quality of communication at Inspire Texas can vary.

Also, Inspire Texas is one of the more expensive ACPs in Texas with a total cost of $5,575.

If you are looking for a self-directed, Houston-focused ACP then Inspire Texas could be a good option for you.

Web Reviews

Web Reviews of Texas Teachers

3.1 – Google Reviews

3.6 – Facebook Review

Biggest Compliment

They get you certified. Reviewers highlighted how they keep candidates informed of upcoming job fairs and individual instructors can be proactive in helping candidates navigate the certification process.

Primary Compliant

Reviewers have highlighted sometimes confusion, contradictory, or unresponsive customer service. The common thread of negative reviews is communication can be hard. Overall, it seems the quality of communication is inconsistent through the program.