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4 Best Alternative Certification Programs in Texas

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Congratulations! You’ve made the exciting decision to become a teacher. Now, the work begins in finding the right alternative teacher certification program so you can become a licensed educator in the state of Texas. There are LOTS of Alternative Certification Programs to choose from, and it’s easy to get overwhelmed before you even begin. While the state of Texas has strict guidelines and standards that ACPs must follow to certify teachers, all programs are not created equal. We’re here to help you find the best Alternative Certification Program in Texas.

The criteria we use to determine the best ACPs includes cost and payment structure, customer reviews, job placement rate, test preparation assistance (this is an important one — if you can’t pass your test, you can’t get certified), total graduates, curriculum, and website presentation.

Here Are the Four Best Alternative Certification Programs for Teachers in Texas

240 Certification

240 Certification is the teacher certification program from 240 Tutoring. Yes, we’re tooting our own horn, but collectively we have over 60 years of experience successfully teaching students in the classroom, developing curriculum for educators and advising teacher candidates. In our 10 years of helping teachers pass their TExES certification exams, we saw how much struggling teachers who were working with larger Alternative Certification Programs had to figure out what they needed to do next.

With 240 Certification, you will never have this struggle. Every candidate is assigned a Personalized Program Advisor (sometimes called a Certification Assistant) whose only job is to ensure you are successful. You will never, ever wonder what you need to accomplish to get licensed and hired as a teacher in Texas.

240 Certification was founded to help teachers get a job and succeed in the first year of their career by offering the best customer service, the most personalized instruction, and the most affordable price.

Total Cost

$3,500 – $4,000

Cost To Start




What Makes 240 Certification Different?

Already the leader in TExES Test Prep, 240 is the front-runner in making sure teachers can pass the TExES and get hired.

iTeach Texas

iteachTEXAS was founded in 2003 as the first fully online teacher certification program in Texas. You name it, they have it. Whether you want to become certified as a teacher or a principal, iteachTexas has you covered.

iteach combines a unique online format with a flexible payment plan and national accreditation.

Their national accreditation by NCATE demonstrates program quality to prospective employers. It also allows for increased certificate reciprocity if you move out of state.

DID YOU KNOW that iteach teamed up with Grand Canyon University and you can earn up to 12 graduate credits while pursuing your career in education or education administration?

Total Cost

$4,750 (deferred) or $4250 (monthly)

Cost To Start

$250 (deferred) or $99 (monthly)



What their customers are saying:

“iteachTexas was an excellent choice for me to pursue my career in education! It is challenging and makes you self-reflect and grow in knowledge and character as it prepares you for and guides you through the tough, but rewarding first year of teaching. Could not have asked for a better group of people to assist me along my path.”

-Kristi A.

Web-Centric Alternative Certification Program

Future teachers continue to use WCACP for their certification and here’s why:

  • Accelerated Route to Certification

Whether you are ready to get in the classroom now or need a program that works with your busy schedule, WCACP can help. Their 100% online program lets you work through curriculum at your own pace.

  • Free Study Material Provided

We can’t stress this one enough. If you can’t pass the TExES, you can’t get certified. WCACP provides you with a study guide for free.

  • Assigned to a Program Specialist

WCACP will assign you a Program Specialist that will assist you in each phase of the certification process. If you need help or have a question, they will be there to give you a timely and accurate response.

DID YOU KNOW WCACP offers two reimbursement programs to pay down your tuition fee? They offer the Opportunity Program and the Freedom Program. Each one helps lower your program fees as well as get some good discounts and rewards.

Total Cost


Cost To Start




What their customers are saying:

“Web-Centric has been a great experience! I loved that I could go as fast or as slow as I needed because sometimes life gets in the way. The preparation for the tests was fantastic – I was able to pass all my tests the first time thanks to the guidance provided. The entire experience was easy to follow and very informative.”

-Kathleen H.

ECAP – Education Career Alternative Program

ECAP’s reputation is known throughout Texas. So much so, that they encourage applicants to call their preferred school district and ask about their program. We will save you the time and tell you now that they are highly respected statewide, have very high placement percentages (due in part to their close working relationships with school districts), and have great staff to train and advise you. If you want to see their teacher training in action, you can check it out here.

Total Cost


Cost To Start




What their customers are saying:

“ECAP is the real deal! Real people with a genuine interest in helping future teachers grow. Real life training for the classroom. Real classroom support for interns. ECAP – making real connections with educators and districts.”

-Rhonda C, Secondary Personnel Director

So There You Have It — the Four Best Teacher Alternative Certification Programs in Texas

Ready to start your teacher certification journey? Take the next step and apply to 240 Certification.

Need help passing your exams? 240 helped 40,632 educators pass their exams last year — and we are ready to help you! Start studying today.

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