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What’s in This Review?

iteachTEXAS at a Glance

    • Best

      • 2nd Largest ACP in Texas
      • Completely online
      • University Partnerships for Extended Credit
    • Worst
      • 2nd Largest ACP in Texas
      • Utilizes unproven test preparation materials
      • Busywork
      • Inflexible customer service
    • Price
      • $0 Application Fee
      • $99 Enrollment Fee
      • $4,300 Program Fee
      • $4,399 Total Cost

Program Overview

Program Structure

100% online

iteach is a 100% online alternative certification program. This means there is no “in-person” option for learning, but every candidate works through the curriculum at their own pace.

Accreditation Status


According to Chapter 229 of the Texas Administrative Code, each EPP shall be held accountable to the rules of EPP accountability adopted by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).  Currently, iteachTEXAS holds an “Accredited” status with the SBEC.

Quick Take

iteach is the second largest ACP in Texas.  It has grown to be one of the most well known ACPs by providing a flexible yet comprehensive curriculum that that allows aspiring teachers to complete coursework at their own pace in a virtual environment.  iteach emphasizes affordability, offering cost-effective options compared to traditional university-based programs.

As of 2023, they rely on newly created test preparation materials for the teacher certification tests and no longer utilize or provide 240 Tutoring as a part of their program curriculum.

Web Reviews

Web Reviews of iteachTEXAS

4.4 – Google Reviews

4.3 – TrustPilot Reviews

Biggest Compliment

Reviewers highlight the comprehensive coursework, and convenience of the self-pace program.

The high reviews seems to be earned with a combination of quick customer service and an easy-to-navigate program.

Primary Compliant

Negative reviews highlight the rigid customer service and abundance of busywork throughout the program.

These complaints seem to be stem from reviewers claiming iteach chooses your content area for you and the exhaustive and unnecessary coursework that does not have applicability in the classroom.

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