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Christy Gideon Botens

Excellent study guides to interact with and learn from. It helps you by explaining why the answer you chose is right or wrong. I took four exams and passed them all with the help of 240tutoring on the first take.

Kristina Akins

I highly recommend 240Tutoring! Every subject is broken down with TONS of practice quizzes! Information is short and concise BUT completely relevant to the test! I took two tests within one month and passed both! I have two more scheduled and totally plan on using 240Tutoring again! Their guarantee is a no-brainer. If you pass the final test on 240Tutoring but fail the actual exam, they refund your money.

Danielle Madison

I just passed my final content exam, and it wouldn’t have been possible without 240 Tutoring. I took the test twice prior to my subscription without success. I took it a third time after having 240 for a month. My only regret is not getting it sooner!!! Plus, with the 240 guarantee you have nothing to lose. I would recommend this company to any educator facing licensure exams!!!! Thank you so much for the service you offer!

Dr. Daniella Varela

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for helping me with my student. She called me today to happily inform that she PASSED THE EXAM, on her 5th attempt, two days before the deadline. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING! Thanks for all your work at 240tutoring. It’s changing lives.

Sabah Kunle.

After testing on several occasions, and feeling absolutely ‘beaten up’…I tried 240Tutoring as my last option. This system really broke down the explanation, helping me to focus on my weaker areas. I’m not a math whiz, but now I’m almost liking math enough to seek other certifications in math. Thanks bunches 240Tutoring!

Liz G.

Thank you so much for this great program. The study guides were very helpful and informative. The way the guides are structured really helped me study and the practice test questions helped me to take the test and pass! I have used other resources in the past but nothing really worked until I used 240Tutoring! thank you so much!

Leslie Wilson

240Tutoring was easy to use, and extremely thorough in all areas that I was testing in. 240Tutoring gave me a more focused studying time, and I was definitely more confident going into the exam after using this study guide. I would use this again and definitely recommend for anyone

Benjamin C.

I am so grateful for 240Tutoring. It was such a wonderful resource to help me prepare for my teacher certification exams. I love the practice tests. They really helped me to assess the areas that I needed to focus on more when it came to studying. I highly recommend 240Tutoring to all of my peers and any student studying for their teacher certification exams!

Pasha J.

Thanks to 240Tutoring I’m a teacher now. If it wasn’t for the questions that were similar to the real exam questions, I would have not passed. I was committed to passing and 240Tutoring helped me do that. 240tutoring is a great study guide and I recommend teachers and future teachers to sign up.

Note from Founder

Why the Study Guide

I got tired of seeing good teachers held back. I wanted to do something about it.
- Scott Rozell, Founder

GACE Mathematics

What’s in the Study Guide

Taking the GACE Mathematics exam can be a daunting task. Because its goal is to test your classroom readiness across the spectrum of content, our GACE Mathematics study guide covers a lot of ground.

Practice Questions
Pages of Study Material
Taking the GACE Mathematics exam can be a daunting task. Because its goal is to test your classroom readiness across the spectrum of content, it covers a lot of ground.

Learn about the test

What’s on the GACE Mathematics exam?

The GACE Mathematics exam is a required exam for anyone wanting to teach secondary math in Georgia. The purpose of the test is to ensure that candidates have sufficient knowledge in all relevant subject areas.

Taking the GACE Mathematics exam can be a daunting task.  Because its goal is to test your classroom readiness across the spectrum of content, it covers a lot of ground.  This breadth can make it hard to know how to prepare.  Luckily, if you understand how the test is organized and what it is testing, you will have no problem prepping for this exam with our GACE Mathematics practice test.  In order to cover everything needed, the exam is broken into two tests.

GACE Mathematics

What to Expect

The GACE Mathematics exam consists of 90 multiple-choice questions. The test is administered via computer. Because of this, there can be a variety in the style of questions that are asked.

You should expect to see three main types of questions: single-answer, stimulus-based, and cluster. You should expect most questions to require you simply to click an oval next to the correct answer. They may ask you to zoom in on details in a graphic or picture, click boxes next to all that apply, click on checkboxes, click on parts of a graphic or sentence, use a drag and drop feature, or select your answer from a drop-down menu.

Questions Time limit
Test I 45 150’
Test II 45 150’
You will have 5 hours to complete the exam.

Pass Guarantee

Each study guide comes with the 240Tutoring Guarantee- if a student earns a 90% or higher on our full-length practice test and is unsuccessful on the exam, 240Tutoring will provide a refund for up to two months of your subscription!

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