How to Prepare for and Pass the Core Subjects EC-6

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Getting ready to take the TExES Core Subjects EC-6 exam can be overwhelming. You might be asking yourself: How hard is the exam? How can I pass the Core? Maybe you have started looking at what resources to use or maybe you are wondering how you even start looking for resources.

Don’t worry, we’ve got all the information you need to prepare yourself for the Core Subjects exam. We’ll look at what free resources are best and how to find reliable study guides. Maybe you’re not sure how to use a study guide, so we’ll help you understand how to use one. Last, we’ll talk about when you should start studying for the Core Subjects EC-6 and how much time you should spend studying.

Are you ready? Let’s go!

How Hard is the CORE Subjects EC-6?

The EC-6 exam covers a lot of information, which makes it a hard test. There are five subtests that focus on five different subject areas. The exam is used to determine if you are prepared to teach the content taught in Texas schools from early childhood through sixth grade, so it covers a lot of ground.

So, is it hard? Well, yes, yes it is. You need to adequately prepare for it.

How Do You Pass the CORE Subjects EC-6?

You might be asking yourself, how will I ever pass the EC-6 exam with all of the content knowledge I need to know?

Understanding the structure of the exam is the first step to helping you pass the Core Subjects exam. Once you know what information the Core covers, you can take a practice test to identify your weak areas. Then, focus on those weak areas in your studies first.

What are the Best Resources to Use for the CORE Subjects EC-6?

The next step in preparing for the EC-6 test is gathering your resources. After you look over the test structure and know what will be tested you’ll be better prepared to gather the resources you need.

Some great resources to use are ones you have from your teacher preparation program. You have previously familiarized yourself with these resources in your classes, so now you can use them to focus on the content that will be on the TExES EC-6.

Where Do You Find Resources for the CORE Subjects EC-6?

Who doesn’t love free resources? Especially great resources that will help you better understand the Core Subjects exam.

240 Tutoring has EC-6 resources ready for you to help you pass the TExES Core! The exam overview and practice test page break down each subtest and the competencies it covers. You also have the chance to take practice tests for each subtest – and it’s all free!

How Do You Study for the CORE Subjects EC-6?

Now that you have all your resources gathered for the EC-6 exam, we’ll talk about how to study using study guides.

You want to first take a practice test to see where your weaknesses are in the content. You can use that information to help guide you on what content you need to study more. Once you know what to focus on you can use a study guide to help learn the content.

Make sure to leave enough time to review and take another practice test before you take the Core exam.

How Do You Use Study Guides to Study for the CORE Subjects EC-6?

So, how do you use a study guide to help you pass your TExES exam?

A prepared study guide is going to organize the information on the test for you. It will cover all of the five subtests and help break down the Core content. When you know what content you struggle with, you can use the study guide to help learn the material better. Then you can use your teacher prep materials to supplement and learn more on that topic if needed.

Curious about what goes into making a great study guide? Find out more about the creation process for each authentic, aligned study guide offered by 240 Tutoring.

Where Do You Find Study Guides for the CORE Subjects EC-6?

So, now you might be asking yourself where you can get a study guide that does all of that?

No need to look any further. 240 Tutoring has a prepared study guide to help you pass the TExES Core EC-6. What’s better test prep than having over 2,000 practice questions, pre-made flashcards, and 530+ pages of study material?

When Should You Study for the CORE Subjects EC-6?

Hopefully, you’re feeling better about taking your EC-6 exam now. The last thing we’ll talk about is creating a study plan.

But before we do that, you’ll want to understand the structure of the CORE Subjects EC-6.

So, when should you begin studying? You want to allow enough time to review all of the content. Start by taking a practice test and decide how much time it will take you to learn what you aren’t already familiar with.

Once you see how much you need to learn, you can register for your exam and start setting aside daily time to study. Make sure you cover all of your material and allow enough time before the Core exam for a final review and a practice test.

If you feel like your test is coming up quickly and you’re not sure you’ll have time to cover everything, you might start thinking about cramming. There is a “right” way to cram (just look at the table below). Be sure to check out these great tips on how to make the most of your limited study time from Dr. Kristy Mulkey!

How Much Should You Study for the CORE Subjects EC-6?

So, how do you know how much you should study? How do you know when you’re ready to take your TExES exam?

The practice exams are a great way to help you gauge if you’re ready to take your Core EC-6. When you first take the practice exam, you’ll be able to tell what content you need to study more. Make sure to cover all the content on the test by setting aside time each day to study.

Once you’ve gone through all of the material and feel confident, take a free TExES practice test to see how ready you are.

Hopefully, you’re no longer as overwhelmed about preparing for the TExES Core Subjects EC-6 exam and know exactly where to find a study guide to meet your needs!

Check out all of the free TExES study resources now!

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