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How To Prepare For (And Pass) The Praxis® ParaPro

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Preparing for the Praxis® ParaPro is an important task! You need to find the right study guide and resources so that you are ready to pass the exam. You need to know how hard the test will be for you and how much you should study. This article will help you find free resources for the Praxis® ParaPro and answer many of your questions, including how you should use a study guide.

Are you ready to learn all about how to prepare for the Praxis® ParaPro? Let’s go!

How hard is the Praxis® ParaPro?

The Praxis® ParaPro has only 90 questions, all of which are all multiple-choice. They are divided evenly among reading, math, and writing. How hard the test is depends on your experience and confidence in these areas. Sometimes you will answer questions by demonstrating mastery of subject matter, such as by solving a math problem or identifying the theme of a written passage. Other times, you will apply classroom knowledge, such as by explaining how to help a student with a reading question or a student who struggles with identifying coins. Read this 240 Tutoring article on the ParaPro’s structure to learn more specifics.

How do you pass the Praxis® ParaPro?

In order to pass the Praxis® ParaPro, you will need to earn the score set by your state. Check out this site to know what you need to pass: ParaPro. The scoring range is 420-480 and the best way to pass the Praxis® ParaPro is to be prepared. Here’s an article specifically dedicated to the scoring of Praxis exams. Check out the resources below to ensure you are ready on test day.

Where do you find resources for the Praxis® ParaPro?

A quick internet search will turn up many resources for the Praxis® ParaPro. Use the ETS website to familiarize yourself with the test format and to be prepared for what will happen on test day. The other resource that is just as important is a good study guide. Check out 240 Tutoring for a comprehensive guide that guarantees you will pass!

What are the best resources to use for Praxis® ParaPro?

The best resources for the Praxis® ParaPro are the ETS website and a great study website. A study guide should include a pretest and plenty of practice questions. A good pretest will help you know what to study and what you have already mastered. 240 Tutoring offers a full diagnostic pretest that is free! Be wary of sites that offer free pretests with only 10 questions … they can’t help you with so little information!

240 Tutoring’s study guides are carefully designed to take you through a step-by-step study process as you prepare for your exam.

Where do you find study guides for the Praxis® ParaPro?

There are many study guides out there both online and in print. The ETS website offers a study companion for free that provides an overview of all the topics. 240 Tutoring offers an ultimate guide that will provide a free overview of the subject areas and a paid study guide that covers every topic. Look for a study guide with practice questions so you can double-check that you’ve learned what you need.

How do you use study guides to study for the Praxis® ParaPro?

The best way to use a study guide is to review a section and then answer practice questions. You may also want to review flashcards to be sure you fully understand the jargon that may be on the test. The test often uses specific education words that can easily trip up a test-taker, even though they understand the concept being tested.

How do you study for the Praxis® ParaPro?

The best way to study for the Praxis® ParaPro is to start with a pretest. This will give you an idea of where you need to spend the most time, and then you can make a plan. Break up your studying into chunks and spend about an hour a day reviewing. About a week before the test, review all the material together, because it will not be separated by subject on the exam.

When should you study for the Praxis® ParaPro?

You should begin studying for the Praxis® ParaPro about a month before you take the test. If you have even more time, that’s better! That way you can plan for a break each week. If you have less time, it is super important to take a diagnostic test so that you spend your time wisely.

If you are especially short on time, you might benefit from Dr. Kristy Mulkey’s “Effective Cramming” tips.

How much should you study for the Praxis® ParaPro?

The amount you need to study depends on your current abilities. Taking a diagnostic test will let you know how much you have already mastered and how much you need to prepare for. Once you know, plan about an hour for each topic and then six to eight hours to review all of the material combined in the week before you sit for the exam.

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