Teachers Test Prep Reviewed

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What’s in This Review?

Teachers Test Prep Snapshot


  • $45-385 per subtest depending on purchase level


  • CTC, limited Praxis® and FTCE study guides
  • Digital courses: either two weeks, six months or six months plus tutoring access
  • In-person prep classes for CTC exams (currently online due to COVID-19)
  • Private tutoring

Product Comparison



  • Online tutoring
  • Immediate practice test feedback
  • Core videos
  • CRQ grading offered (additional cost)


  • Expensive
  • No study guide content
  • Videos seem outdated

Quick Take

Teachers Test Prep is well-established in California and offers a variety of study resources – including all-day workshops, one-on-one tutoring, constructed response question (CRQ) grading and three levels of online study prep.

The online study prep is video-based, which is helpful for visual learners. However, many of the videos seem outdated, with some produced as long as eight or nine years ago.

Teachers Test Prep offers two untimed practice tests – one free and one behind the study program paywall. While the practice tests do not match the exam format, they do offer video feedback for questions and provide a test pass rating which are both helpful features.

If you are more interested in one-on-one help or in-class instruction, then Teachers Test Prep is likely one of your best options. But as an online study resource, you might want to save your money and look into other options.

Questions per Study GuideN/A3800+ for CSET Multiple Subjects: Subtest I, II, III
Cost for Online Study Guide$45-385 per subtest$39.99 monthly all-access subscription
Some Study Guides Have VideosYes, course is video-driven with 4-8 videos per conceptYes, 30+
Webinars for ExamYes, $95-175Yes, $9.99
Large Selection of Free Resources on WebsiteNo FAQs or user resourcesYes, general and test-specific resources and user helps
FlashcardsNoNo Yes, 1800+ for CSET Multiple Subjects: Subtest I, II, III
Other?Guarantee varies based on product purchasedAll study guides backed by 240 Tutoring Guarantee

Teachers Test Prep Full Review

The Full Scoop on Teachers Test Prep

Based in California, Teachers Test Prep offers some CSET/CBEST, Praxis and FTCE study guides. All of the study resource options (in-person/online prep and tutoring) are offered by subtest, so the cost can be an issue for teachers needing to prepare for multiple exams or even multiple subtests for the same exam.

The only study content available is a simple concepts outline, which is actually offered for free on the website. It is set up more like a table of contents than a true study guide and does not include any details or facts about the listed concepts.

Teachers Test Prep doesn’t provide the number of practice questions their programs offer. Flashcards are not part of any of the study program options. The entire program is video-driven. Videos provide the only explanations for key subject matter, practice test question feedback is also through video walkthroughs, even the FAQ page offers solutions only through video and not as written answers.

The “Core Videos” range from 1-30 minutes in length, and there are generally 4-8 videos per concept. The video format is consistent – a standard PowerPoint slide with audio and a presenter reading the slide content and no closed-captioning. A quick check YouTube reveals that more than half of the listed videos are at least four years old.

There are two practice test versions available with similar questions. The tests have 50 questions and are untimed, so they do very little to match the actual exam. There are a few upsides to the practice test, though.

First, video feedback is available for each question showing how to correctly answer it. Second, the practice test provides a pass rating based on the test results. This rating is broken down by competency, so users can see which areas need improvement. The practice tests for all offered exams are also available for free on the Teachers Test Prep website, and can be accessed by creating a user account.

Teachers willing to invest in the most expensive program option do get two hours of individual tutoring. Tutoring seems to be focused primarily on reviewing practice test results and any problem areas revealed by the score report.

Another feature Teachers Test Prep provides is CRQ grading. It is only offered as an additional service for those who are required to write an essay as part of their exam. The cost is $39 per question and the grading and feedback process takes between 3-5 business days.

The programs all offer a “roadmap to success” based on the individual user’s test date. This is not a dynamic study guide, but does let the purchaser know which portions of the content to work through and the estimated time it will take to complete prior to taking their exam.

Teachers Test Prep claims the “strongest guarantees” for the industry, but they only apply to specific products and also vary by product. For in-person classes, the guarantee allows a purchaser to take a class one extra time for free. For the online program, no guarantee is available for the “Quick Core” program.

If a purchaser buys the mid-level product, takes the exam twice within six months and still doesn’t pass, a product refund is available. The most expensive program uses the same criteria as the mid-level product but the purchaser can choose either to get a refund or to get an additional six months of access to the program.

Teachers Test Prep has some good points, but is a bit of a mixed bag when it comes to website usability, individual product strengths and product guarantees. There seem to be too many click options to navigate the site easily, but after deciding on and purchasing a product, the dashboard is more functional. The programs are competency-based but there is no true study material. The closest thing operates like a table of contents with an outline of the concepts likely to be covered on the exam.

Because of this, videos are the only true program content but don’t offer great audio quality and are primarily PowerPoint slides that a speaker reads verbatim. Overall, Teachers Test Prep seems to offer a decent study resource with a higher price tag that is primarily useful for teachers taking California certification exams.