What You MUST Know About the MTLE Exam Cost

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If you are a teacher seeking certification in Minnesota, you will need to know the details about the MTLE exam. So we’ve laid it all out for you: how much it costs to take the exams, how many attempts you get to pass each subtest, and what you should do if you fail an MTLE exam.

OK, let’s get into the MTLE details!

How much does it cost to take an MTLE exam?

There are many different MTLE exams, each made up of subtests. The cost varies based on how many subtests you plan to take. Most tests include two subtests that cost $47.50 each. In that case, the test total would be $95.00.

How many attempts do you get to pass an MTLE test?

There is no limit to the number of times that you can take an MTLE test. The only constraint is that you will have to wait 30 to 45 days for a new version of the test to be released, and you will have to register and pay the MTLE test fee again. In the unlikely situation that you fail the test three times, you can apply for a fee waiver, and if it’s granted you can retake the test for free.

What happens if you fail an MTLE test?

The good news is that if you fail an MTLE exam, you only need to retake the subtest(s) that you failed. You don’t need to take the entire test over again! While waiting to retake the test, make sure to look through your MTLE score report for details about your strengths and weaknesses. Then you can use the 30-to-45-day wait period for some extra focused studying.

Are there any other costs associated with taking an MTLE test?

There are no fees in addition to the $47.50 fee for each subtest. However, if you take the Essential Academic Skills test and disagree with your score on the written response question, you may pay $55.00 to request a rescore.

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