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Professional Education Test - How To Prepare (And Pass)

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Getting ready to take the Professional Education Test, but not sure where to start? Wondering how hard the exam is or what score you will need to pass? Maybe you’re looking for the best study material for the Professional Education Test or wondering how to develop a study plan. No matter what your question is, you’re in the right place. This article will cover how hard it is to pass this test, where to find the best resources for the exam, and the best way to study for your test. Specific questions that we’ll cover include:

  • How hard is the Professional Education Test?
  • How do you pass the test?
  • Where do you find study resources?
  • Where do you find study guides?
  • How do you study for the test?
  • When should you start studying?
  • How much should you study?

How hard is the Professional Education Test?

The most recent data shows that in 2015, 77% of test-takers passed the Professional Education Test on their first attempt. (Source: Many test takers are surprised at the level of difficulty of the exam, but with the right preparation materials, you can go into your exam with the knowledge and confidence needed to pass.

How do you pass the Professional Education Test?

A scaled score of at least 200 is needed to pass the Professional Education Test. This means you’ll need to answer at least 71% of the 110 questions correctly, which is about 79 correct answers. Most testing sites will give you an unofficial passing status immediately after your exam, but it will take a few weeks for your official score report.

Where do you find resources for the Professional Education Test?

You can find free resources about the general overview of the Professional Education Test on our website. We also offer a detailed study guide that includes a realistic practice exam. For information on registration and testing sites, visit the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations website. 

Where do you find study guides for the Professional Education Test?

You’ve already found the right place for a Professional Education Test study guide! 240 Tutoring has a study guide written specifically for the FTCE Professional Education Test. Our study guides come with diagnostic exams to help you create a study plan, test-aligned study material, and a practice exam designed to look like the real exam. This study guide even comes with a pass guarantee! Start your study plan today with a free Professional Education Test practice exam.

How do you study for the Professional Education Test?

It’s important to evaluate your own strengths and weaknesses when determining how to study for the Professional Education Test. A good way to do this is with our free diagnostic test. After you’ve determined what areas you need to work on, you’ll want to develop a timeline of when you will study each of these areas of weaknesses. Once you feel like you’ve studied everything that you need to, you can take the practice exam that’s included with your study guide. The practice exam is timed and designed to be like the real exam, so it can give you a realistic idea of how prepared you are.

When should you start studying for the Professional Education Test?

It’s never too early to start preparing for your Professional Education Test. After taking a diagnostic test to determine your areas of weakness, you’ll have a better idea of how much time you’ll need to spend studying. Be realistic with yourself regarding how much time you can dedicate to studying each week, and allow yourself plenty of time to cover all of the material.

Out of time? Check out Dr. Kristy Mulkey’s tips for effective cramming!

How much should you study for the Professional Education Test?

Study times will vary for each individual, but many test takers are surprised at how much time they need to put into studying. You’ll want to plan for several weeks of study time leading up to your exam. Using our study guides can help you cover the material in reasonable sections, making it less overwhelming to prepare for your exam.

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