How To Study For (And Pass) The RICA

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The RICA is a teacher certification exam in California that assesses your ability to teach reading to elementary-age students.

Preparing for the RICA is extremely important because this is a challenging test. You need to know how to pass the exam and what resources you should use to prepare. You will also need to know how to use the resources and how much to study. This article will answer all your questions and help you on the path to passing the RICA written exam.

So, are you ready to learn how to prepare for the RICA? Great! Let’s get started.

How Hard is the RICA?

The RICA written exam is a focused test that covers reading instruction and had a 71.9% cumulative passing rate for 2019-2020, but the passing rate for first-time examinees is only 60.3%. This test is hard, and preparation is key!

How Do You Pass the RICA?

In order to pass the RICA, you need to earn a score of 220 on each of the three subtests. Each subtest is scored separately. Passing status is based on total subtest performance. Subtest I and II each include 35 multiple-choice questions and 2 constructed-response questions. Subtest III includes 25 multiple-choice questions and 1 constructed-response question.

Check out this article for more scoring information.

Where Do You Find Resources for the RICA?

The RICA written exam offers fewer resources than most certification exams. There are some online resources, such as the testing website, and then there are study guides that cover the actual test material, such as 240 Tutoring. When looking at study guides, make sure that they prepare you for both the multiple-choice questions and the essays. The RICA Practice Test and Prep Page is a great place to start!

What Are the Best Resources to Use for RICA?

The best resources for the RICA written exam cover two different things: testing logistics and test material. The testing website covers logistics such as registration, test scores, and brief information about the essay questions. The best resource for study material is 240 Tutoring. This site covers all you need to know by starting with a free practice test and then providing information to study along with flashcards and practice questions.

Where Do You Find Study Guides for the RICA?

There are study guides and online tips for the RICA test. The best study guide will provide two things: a pretest to determine what topics you already know and information about the essay questions. 240 Tutoring covers both of these. The pretest will help guide your studying and the essay questions will be easier if you are prepared.

How Do You Use Study Guides to Study for the RICA?

The best way to use a study guide is to review the provided information and study the flashcards. After you feel confident with the material, answer the practice questions. If you do well on those, you’ve mastered the material. 240 Tutoring has worked hard to develop clear, step-by-step CSET study guides to help you prepare. Check out this video to learn more about the process.

How Do You Study for the RICA?

The best way to study for the RICA is to plan ahead. You need time to review the material, complete practice questions, and write sample essays. You must first study the material, as it plays a part in both types of questions.

There’s a lot to cover as you study for this exam! Five different domains, 15 competencies, and five constructed-response questions. Plan for plenty of time to cover it all!

When Should You Start Studying for the RICA?

You should start studying for the RICA about two months before the exam. This will give you a week or two to study each domain plus time to review. If you spend a week on each of the five domains, two weeks preparing for the essays, and one week reviewing all the material, you will be prepared.

How Much Should You Study for the RICA?

The RICA is difficult and will demand some serious study time. You should plan on spending an hour or two every day for about eight weeks to fully prepare. Taking a diagnostic test before you begin will help you know how much time you should spend studying. Head to 240 Tutoring’s website to take their practice test for free and begin your studying.

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