Texas Teachers of Tomorrow Reviewed

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What’s in This Review?

Texas Teachers at a Glance

    • Pros

      • Largest ACP in Texas
      • Completely Online
      • Great Technology
    • Cons

      • Poor Customer Service
      • Risk of losing accreditation due to TEA complaints
    • Price

      • $0 Application Fee
      • $299 Enrollment Fee
      • $4,700 Program Fee
      • $4,999 Total Cost

Program Overview

Program Structure

100% online

Texas Teachers of Tomorrow is a 100% online alternative certification program. This means there is no “in-person” option for learning, but every candidate works through the curriculum at their own pace.

In the past, Texas Teachers of Tomorrow offered an “in-person” option, but has discontinued that option in favor of the 100% online option.

Accreditation Status


According to Chapter 229 of the Texas Administrative Code, each EPP shall be held accountable to the rules of EPP accountability adopted by the State Board for Educator Certification (SBEC).  Currently, Texas Teachers hold an “Accredited-Probation” status with the SBEC.

Quick Take

Texas Teachers is the largest ACP in Texas, and has been for well over a decade. While it used to offer in-person training, it is 100% online now.

In conversations with current Texas Teachers of Tomorrow candidates, many report they would recommend the program if the person is a self-starter and self-motivated.

Teachers of Tomorrow has been so big, for so long, that it seems to be the default reference for teacher certification although that has changed in recent years as  they face revocation of their accreditation after the program failed to make improvements while on probation after a 2021 audit found the company to be out of compliance in key state standards including admission, curriculum, and governance. The audit also found that the company misled educators with advertising and it did not support candidates with required mentors. There are also complaints of dishonesty and lack of communication.

Web Reviews

Web Reviews of Texas Teachers

Web Reviews

1.9- Yelp

3.8- Google

Biggest Compliment

Google reviewers highlight specific people in the program that were helpful and knowledgeable in the program.

Primary Compliant

The primary theme of the 1 star reviews is Texas Teachers lack of communication with their customers and being dishonest and misleading. Customers say they have a difficult time contacting the program, getting a response from the program, and the lack of communication is very frustrating- especially since many customers highlighted that Texas Teachers was always on time taking their money.

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