Praxis® Core - Questions Overview (A MUST-Read)

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Are you getting ready to take the Praxis® Core? Before you start studying, you’ll want to become familiar with the test structure. You’ll need to know how many and what kind of questions are on the Core. For instance, how many are constructed-response (also known as essay questions)? You also need to know the best resources for the new version of the Praxis® Core. (Yes, there is a new math version!)

First, we’ll explain everything you need to know about the number of questions on the Core. Next, we’ll talk about the different types of questions and give you some tips on answering essay or constructed-response questions. Last, we’ll be sure to provide you with the best resources to help you understand and study for the tests.

Important: This article discusses the new version of the Praxis® Core Math. If you need information about the changes, check out this article and table below.

So, let’s get started! 

How many questions are on the Praxis® Core?

Let’s talk about the number of questions on the Praxis® Core.

There are three subtests (Reading, Mathematics, and Writing). You can take all three subtests separately or as a combined exam (5752).

The Reading test (5713) has 56 questions.

The Mathematics test (5733) also has 56 questions.

The Writing test (5723) has two sections that consist of 40 questions and two essays.

What kinds of questions are on the Praxis® Core?

Now that you’re aware of the number of questions on the Core, let’s look at the kinds of questions that will be asked on each test.

The reading test (5713) consists of selected-response questions. These are multiple-choice questions that you will answer based on four types of passages that you read.

The mathematics test (5733) consists of selected-response questions.

The writing test (5723) consists of two sections. The first section is made up of selected-response questions and the second section has two essay questions. You will write an argumentative essay and an informative/explanatory essay.

There is no penalty for wrong answers on selected-response questions, so if you don’t know the answer, take a guess.

240 Tutoring offers a great free resource to help you with your essay section of the writing test.

Are there any essay questions on the Praxis® Core?

Constructed-response or essay questions require you to construct or produce the answer. These types of questions are on a lot of educator exams and the Praxis® Core is no different.

The Core writing test has two essay questions that require you to complete two essays. The first essay will be an argumentative essay in which you will use personal experiences, observations, and what you’ve read (in the prompt) to support your position. The second essay will be an informative/explanatory essay. You will pull data from two sources you’re given to outline important information.

Both essays need to be organized, focused, and written for adults.

These helpful tips for constructed-response questions will help you with the essay section of the writing test.

What are the best resources for studying for the Praxis® Core?

When preparing for the Praxis® Core you want to make sure you are using reliable resources. Let’s look at some of the best resources to help you study.

The first step is understanding the test structure of the Praxis®. 240 Tutoring’s Ultimate Guide will help provide more information about what kinds of questions and content will be on the Core. The Ultimate Guide also includes practice tests to help you prepare for the Praxis®.

Next, you want to find a study guide to help you study the material. 240 Tutoring has a study guide with everything you need to pass the Praxis® Core. The 240 study guide includes more than 500 practice questions and 209 pages of study materials. There is also a study guide for each subtest (Reading, Mathematics, and Writing). All 240 Tutoring study guides are thoughtfully developed, following a step-by-step process to create the best possible resource for you.

The ETS website also offers a Study Companion for each subtest (Reading, Mathematics, and Writing).

So, what are you waiting for? You’ve now got the best resources there are to help you learn the structure and content of the Praxis® Core!

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