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What You MUST Know
About the MTTC Exam Cost

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The MTTC is required for teacher certification in the state of Michigan. Learning about the test is an important first step to passing. This article will discuss MTTC costs, including registration fees and what costs you might incur if you fail an MTTC test.

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How much does it cost to take an MTTC exam?

Standard MTTC computer-based tests (CBT) cost $129. That means that each subject area test costs $129. This fee covers registration, access to the testing facility, and score reporting. MTTC online registration and payment must be processed before scheduling a test appointment. Different fees may apply for paper-based testing (PBT). More information on payment options and the cost of specific exams can be found on the MTTC website.

How many attempts do you get to pass an MTTC test?

You get unlimited attempts to pass an MTTC test. However, there’s a waiting period before you can retake the test, and additional fees will apply. The Michigan Department of Education recommends that candidates who fail a subject area test four or more times seek academic advice from their home department.

What happens if you fail an MTTC test?

It’s OK if you fail an MTTC test. Unlimited retakes mean that you can retake a subject area as many times as necessary to get a passing score. The MTTC retake policy states that each subject area test can only be taken one time within a 30-day period. New registration and full test fees ($129) are also required for each retake attempt. Take advantage of the 30-day waiting period to learn more about the test, devise an MTTC study guide, focus on your content weaknesses, and work practice problems.

Are there any other costs associated with taking an MTTC test?

For most exams, the registration fee will cover the full cost of the MTTC.

Additional costs associated with taking a test may include the following:

  • Cost of a personal graphing calculator for elementary and secondary mathematics subject area tests
  • $20 processing fee for clearing an outstanding balance, such as failing to pay for registration
  • $20-50 fee for late registration for paper-based tests (PBT) only

And remember, there’s no refund for canceling a test or withdrawing registration within 24 hours of the test appointment.

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