Do You Know Which MTLE Exams You Need to Take?

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If you are interested in teaching public school in Minnesota, you have probably heard of the MTLE. But what exactly is it? And which of the tests do you take? This article will help you better understand the MTLE and which test will help you obtain your desired certification.

Are you ready to get started? Let’s dive into MTLE tests.

What is the MTLE?

The MTLE, or Minnesota Teacher Licensure Examinations, are the certification exams for Minnesota teachers. All public school teachers are required to be certified prior to teaching. There are four different tiers of certification and the one you need depends on both the license you currently hold and the one you’re trying to earn.

Who has to take the MTLE?

All public school teachers in Minnesota must take the MTLE at some point. The type of test that teachers are required to take depends on the tier of their license. The Minnesota teacher licensure system has four tiers, with most teachers holding a Tier 3 or Tier 4 license.

For more information on the tiers, you can visit this website.

What MTLE test do I have to take?

There are many different MTLE exams, each of which includes two or more subtests. Which MTLE test you need to take depends on the tier of license you hold and what you want to teach. If you are seeking an initial license, you must demonstrate basic skills competency through either the Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test, the ACT Plus Writing or the SAT. The Minnesota NES Essential Academic Skills test consists of three subtests: Reading, Writing, and Math.

In addition to a basic skills test, it’s likely that you will need your pedagogical and content-area knowledge assessed through the MTLE.

Your teacher preparation program should guide you on the exam you will need to take, as they will need to approve your exam request before you can register for the MTLE exam. But if you want more details, you can find the specific licensing requirements on the Minnesota Professional Educator Licensing and Standards Board website.

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