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Are you interested in getting certified to teach grades K-6 in Florida? If so, you will need to pass the FTCE Elementary Education K-6 (060). The FTCE (Florida Teacher Certification Examinations) K-6 exam consists of four subtests that cover Language Arts and Reading, Social Science, Science, and Mathematics. The following information will provide you with the knowledge you need to pass each of these subtests.

First, we will explain everything you need to know about what kinds of questions are on the Elementary Education K-6, how many questions each subtest includes, and what scores you need to pass. We’ll include details about all four subtests, including the question format and whether there are any essay questions or CRQs. Finally, we’ll provide you with the best resources for studying for the K-6 (060) and help you to feel confident enough to pass all of the subtests in a single session.

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How many questions are on the Elementary Education K-6?

There are approximately 220 total questions on the four subtests that make up the Elementary Education K-6. The exact number of questions varies per subtest:

In order to pass the test, you will need to pass all four of the subtests with a scaled score of at least 200 per subtest. This means that you will need to answer approximately 70% or more of the questions correctly on each subtest.

What kinds of questions are on the Elementary Education K-6?

Now, let’s discuss the content of the subtests. Each subtest assesses content knowledge and pedagogical approaches in its respective subject area. All of the subtests consist of multiple-choice questions with four response options. The format of the multiple-choice questions vary. The Language Arts and Reading, Social Science, and Science subtests contain sentence completions, direct questions, and scenario questions. The Mathematics subtest contains word problems, graphics questions, and direct questions.

Are there any essay questions on the FTCE K-6 (060)?

Fortunately, you won’t need to worry about essay questions because there are no essay questions on the Elementary Education K-6.

What are the best resources for studying for the Elementary Education K-6?

Details about the FTCE Elementary Education K-6 (060) as well as links to a score interpretation guide and content resources are available and can be found on the Florida Teacher Certification Examinations website. You can also read a guide from 240 Tutoring discussing how best to prepare for this exam.

If you’re ready to get started with some practice, check out 240 Tutoring’s Elementary Education K-6 Practice Test and try the timed diagnostic assessments for each subtest: Language Arts and Reading Practice Test, Social Science Practice Test, Science Practice Test, and Mathematics Practice Test.

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