2020 Mid-Year Update – TExES Intern Year Requirements

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What you need to know

For traditionally-certified teachers in Texas the process is to take and pass your TExES content exam(s), PPR exam, and then graduate with a degree and a Standard Certificate. So far, this process is not changing.

For alternatively-certified teachers in Texas, the first year of teaching is actually considered your “intern year.” Typically:

  • Before the intern year begins, you must pass all TExES content exams for your teaching area. For example, an elementary teacher would take and pass the CORE EC-6 exam before the school year starts. Then your certification program would help you get an Intern Certificate.
  • During the intern year, you must also pass the PPR exam – Pedagogy and Professional Responsibilities. At the end of the school year, or intern year, you would then qualify for a Standard Certificate and become a fully certified teacher.

Because of testing challenges COVID-19 caused, Governor Abbott has temporarily waived some of these requirements for alternatively-certified teachers:

  • Teacher candidates with a 2019-2020 intern year have longer to pass their PPR exam. For more information, contact your ACP.
  • Teacher candidates with a 2020-2021 intern year can apply for an “Intern Certificate Recommended Under Governor Waiver” (referred to as the WINT) from their certification program until October 1, 2020. This waiver temporarily suspends the requirement to pass any content exams before the intern year starts. Instead, you can take and pass all content exams and the PPR during the intern year.

Note: Your ACP may choose not to take advantage of this program and not issue these new Intern Certificates. Confirm with your ACP before canceling or scheduling your exams.

So, can I delay my exam?

Yikes, that’s not a good idea! While this provisional waiver does offer more study and preparation time for your exam, this does not mean you should put it off. Your first year of teaching is incredibly exhausting and can drain you mentally and emotionally. Choosing to add the stress of studying for and passing your content area exams to that is a risky decision.

In addition, many school districts will likely still require you to have passed your content area exams before hiring you. Why? They don’t want to run the risk that you fail your tests before the end of your intern year and become ineligible for rehire.

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