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The 240 Tutoring Testing Approach

(Our Strategies to Passing Your Exam)

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DID YOU KNOW that last year alone, 21,000 test-takers failed their TExES exam by 10 points or less­­?

That is only a matter of 3-5 questions!

That’s another lock-out period before they can re-test.

That’s more hard-earned money spent on testing fees.

That’s another lost opportunity to interview for a teaching job.

So, now you’re thinking… how can I avoid that failure?

When you take your test, you MUST have a plan of action for answering each question.

We can’t emphasize this enough.

We know you are busy studying content, so we created a plan for you: The 240 Tutoring Testing Approach

This will help you eliminate incorrect answers, understand each question, and prepare you mentally and physically for the test.

We are going to walk you through some studying and test-taking techniques that will help you increase your score by up to 10 points.