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NavaED Reviewed

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What’s in This Review?

NavaED Snapshot

  • Cost

    • $22.99 to $35.99 for books, up to $200 for digital courses
  • Offering

    • FTCE, Praxis® CORE study guides
    • Digital and Physical Books
    • Webinars
    • Digital Courses

Product Comparison



  • Responsive customer service
  • Rigorous study guide questions
  • Strong social media presence
  • Published study guide books


  • No pass guarantee
  • Limited number of questions
  • Videos vary in quality
  • No benchmark or measurement tests
  • Can be expensive

Quick Take

NavaEd provides solid preparation for Florida exams. They have fast customer service, a published physical book, high quality questions and a strong social media presence.

Teachers looking for a personal touch to preparation should consider NavaEd.

However, NavaEd’s high price tag and smaller question bank (compared to other options) can leave teachers feeling like there are better values elsewhere. NavaEd’s videos can have a lower production quality than other options.

Teachers who want a large question bank, guided studying, and a money-back guarantee of passing should consider other preparation sources.

Questions per Study Guide
100-300 (20 for each subject in digital courses)
400+ per subject
Cost for Online Study Guide
$75-200 depending on the course
$39.99 monthly all-access subscription
Some Study Guides Have Videos
Yes (most available for free on YouTube)
Yes (for Math/ Language Arts)
Webinars for Exam
Yes, $20-100
Yes, $9.99
Large Selection of Free Resources on Website
No FAQs or user resources
Yes, general and test-specific resources and user helps
No product guarantees
All study guides backed by 240 Tutoring Guarantee

NavaED Full Review

The Full Scoop on NavaEd

Based in Florida, NavaEd offers a wide variety of resources for a select number of FTCE, FELE and PRAXIS Core exams. The product prices vary widely – from $20 for a digital study book to $200 for a full study guide course. NavaED was founded by Kathleen Jasper, who is respected by customers and operates as the face of the company on most of the videos and webinars they produce.

The NavaED website is easy to use and finding the right study guide is relatively simple. Once a product is paid for, purchasers cannot log in immediately and must rely on receiving an email from the company to access the study guide. Once a purchaser’s account is set up, the system is easily navigable and also explained in an introductory video.

The study guide content is organized by competency, which can be helpful for some customers. Courses contain a digital book, which operates as the primary study content for all NavaEd products. The courses also provide videos and PowerPoint presentations, but the slides only repeat the covered content.

Each subject course includes 20 questions with feedback. The feedback is only available if a wrong answer is selected, and the correct answer has to be chosen to move to the next question. Questions are presented in the same order each time. There is no diagnostic or baseline test in the course, and no timed option for questions either. The study book does have more questions but they are not interactive and some questions from the course are repeated.

NavaED study resources do not include flashcards but digital courses do contain videos. These cover a wide variety of FTCE content, but some have poor audio quality and are very simple – often just a person with a whiteboard working through a problem or explaining a test strategy.

While the website advertises multiple practice tests available for each course, there is no full-length, timed practice test option. The study book contains three practice tests for each subject area, but the number of questions isn’t aligned to the actual exam.

The NavaED study guides seem to be a good resource for someone preparing for the FTCE exams. While the full study guide course offers a variety of content (videos, reading material, practice questions) there aren’t a lot of questions provided and most, if not all, of the videos can be freely accessed on YouTube. The full study guide course is expensive and there is no official pass guarantee for completing it.

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