Certify Teacher Reviewed

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What’s in This Review?

Certify Teacher Snapshot


  • $37 for study guide, $80-180 for test prep digital course


  • TExES, NES and Indiana CORE study guides
  • Online study resources
  • Online test prep digital courses

Product Comparison



  • Competency-based study guide view
  • Test standards easy to see in study content
  • Extended product access (up to 3 years in 35-day intervals)


  • Limited number of questions
  • Question formats don’t always match exams
  • Not as customizable as advertised
  • Customer service issues

Quick Take

Certify Teacher is a well-established study guide provider for TExES exams. The company caters to certification programs and much of the content is designed for easy administrator oversight.

The two types of preparation resources offered are very different, which may be beneficial for teachers who just need a basic or high-level overview of their tests.

Teachers who expect responsive customer service may be disappointed by the delayed responses or system issues some purchasers have reported.

For a robust, comprehensive study guide with lots of practice questions and prompt assistance from customer service providers, teachers may want to consider other resources.

Questions per Study Guide460 for CORE EC-64000+ for CORE EC-6
Cost for Online Study Guide$37-180 depending on the study guide$39.99 monthly all-access subscription
Some Study Guides Have VideosYes, free Khan Academy math videos, short instructional competency videosYes, 30+
Webinars for ExamNoYes, $9.99
Large Selection of Free Resources on WebsiteNo FAQs or user resourcesYes, general and test-specific resources and user helps
Other?No product guaranteesAll study guides backed by 240 Tutoring Guarantee

Ceritfy Teachers Full Review

The Full Scoop on Certify Teacher

Based in Texas, Certify Teacher offers test preparation products primarily for TExES exams. It appears that a limited number of Praxis® exams could be in development since a “coming soon” button is listed for the 21 states that use that test series.

Certify Teacher has two primary products; a test prep course with quizzes and test questions, and a study guide that contains content but lacks a full review. Individual product prices range from $37-180 but Certify Teacher does include access for up to three years if a customer is unable to pass an exam.

Study content is only available in the study guide option. The test prep option only includes a list of test competencies. Content in the study guide includes a 1-minute instructional video reviewing high-level concepts. The test standards are outlined but the content is still fairly limited.

Certify Teacher advertises hundreds of questions as part of the test prep course. Three questions are provided for each test competency and some questions are repeated on the practice exam. The CORE EC-6 course provides 460 total questions and 1300 flashcards. However, some of the filter features and flashcard don’t function properly.

The test prep course does offer a variety of question formats, including drag-and-drop, menu selection, graph selection and fill-in-the-blank, but those question formats can also show up on exams that only have multiple-choice questions. The practice test for CORE EC-6 is formatted similarly to the certification exam, but does provide more test time and about 35 less questions.

One great feature is the study plan and tracker to help purchasers see what needs to be completed. Because Certify Teacher caters to certification programs, there are multiple reporting screens and generated reports. However, some of the reports can be confusing to read and not clearly show correct/incorrect answers and quiz and exam reports can be hard to distinguish without being individually opened.

None of the Certify Teacher products come with a money-back guarantee. For purchasers who do not pass their exams, program access can be extended for up to 3 years or until the customer passes the exam, whichever comes first.

One area where Certify Teacher seems to have trouble is customer service. According to the website, Certify Teacher has an average email response time of up to 5 business days. A phone number is also provided, but user reviews frequently comment on the difficulty of getting a response from customer support by either method. Certify Teacher has also removed user reviews from their Facebook page.

Overall, Certify Teacher is an established and known study guide provider for TExES study guides, but a lack of updated resources and a limited question bank may not appeal to some. Also the lack of a pass guarantee or opportunities for customers to share their experiences with the company may leave some wondering why transparency is not a higher priority.