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240Tutoring Program Information2018-10-20T09:06:34+00:00

240Tutoring Program Information


How 240Tutoring can help your program today

From in-depth single student reports, to aggregate reports on students’ skills, 240Tutoring provides your program the real-time reporting and control needed to ensure your students will pass their exam.

240Tutoring Reports Demonstration

5 min
Overview of how 240Tutoring allows EPPs to monitor their students’ preparation for their certification exam.

Adding Students

3 min
Watch how to enroll students in the study guide

Viewing and Deleting Students

60 sec
Overview of how to add, view, or delete users from the 240Tutoring system.

240Tutoring Study Guide Demonstration

3 min
Video explaining how to use the 240Tutoring study guide.


Real People. Real Results.

Just wanted to pop in and say thank you so much for helping me with my student. She called me today to happily inform that she PASSED THE EXAM, on her 5th attempt, two days before the deadline. Amazing, amazing, AMAZING! Thanks for all your work at 240tutoring. It’s changing lives.

– Dr. Daniella Varela

Certification Coordinator, Texas A&M Kingsville
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