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Get prepared for the MEGA Middle School Education: Science (013) exam

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MEGA Middle School Education: Science Study Guide

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205 Interactive Practice Questions and 37 Pages of Instructional Content!

Science Practices

38 Questions with Explanations
12 Pages of Instructional Content

Learn about skills and concepts related to scientific practices.

Physical Science

8 Questions with Explanations
54 Pages of Instructional Content

Learn about skills and concepts related to physical science.


67 Questions with Explanations
9 Pages of Instructional Content

Learn about skills and concepts related to biology.

Earth and Space Science

46 Questions with Explanations
8 Pages of Instructional Content

Learn about skills and concepts related to earth and space science.

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What’s on the MEGA Middle School Education: Science Exam

The MEGA Middle School Education: Science exam is a required exam that ensures candidates have sufficient knowledge in all relevant subject areas to teach middle school.

Taking the MEGA Middle School Education: Science exam can be a daunting task.  Because its goal is to test your classroom readiness across the spectrum of content, it covers a lot of ground.  This breadth can make it hard to know how to prepare.  Luckily, if you understand how the test is organized and what it is testing, you will have no problem prepping for this test.  In order to cover everything, the exam is broken into 4 domains–which are then broken down into three to five competencies each.


Now that you have your test date set, you can turn to preparing for the exam itself. To begin, let’s look at the structure of the exam. The MEGA Middle School Education: Science exam, in its entirety, consists of 80 multiple-choice questions. The test is administered via computer. Because of this, there can be a variety in the style of questions that are asked. You should expect to see three main types of questions: single-answer, stimulus-based, and cluster. You should expect most questions to require you simply to click an oval next to the correct answer. However, there may be questions that utilize the technology more. They may ask you to zoom in on details in a graphic or picture, click boxes next to all that apply, click on check boxes, click on parts of a graphic or sentence, use a drag and drop feature, or select your answer from a drop-down menu.

You Need to Pay for the Exam.

The Cost of the Test is $77

 ETS accepts all major credit cards for payment


You will have 2 hours and 15 minutes to complete the test.



2 hours and 15 minutes

Exam Competencies

Domain I–Science and Engineering Practices

Competency 0001–Understand the practices of scientific inquiry and engineering design.

Competency 0002–Understand crosscutting concepts in the sciences and engineering.

Competency 0003–Understand the relationships between science, technology, and human activity in a global context.

Domain II–Physical Science

Competency 0004–Understand the properties of matter.

Competency 0005–Understand physical and chemical changes of matter.

Competency 0006–Understand the characteristics of energy and energy transformations.

Competency 0007–Understand the properties and principles of force and motion.

Competency 0008–Understand the characteristics and properties of mechanical and electromagnetic waves.

Domain III–Biology

Competency 0009–Understand the characteristics of living organisms.

Competency 0010–Understand reproduction, heredity, and biological classification.

Competency 0011–Understand the interactions of organisms with their environments.

Domain IV–Earth and Space Science

Competency 0012–Understand Earth’s history and the processes that shape and change its geosphere.

Competency 0013–Understand Earth’s hydrosphere, atmosphere, weather, and climate.

Competency 0014–Understand the composition and structure of the universe.

 Passing Scoring

Your score will be based on the number of questions you answer correctly. You will need to score a minimum of 220 on each subtest in order to pass.

Registration and Testing

The first step in getting yourself ready for this exam is to complete the registration.  The MEGA exams are offered continuously throughout the year. However, it is important to register as soon as possible to make sure you get the date and location you want.  It is also a good idea to register early, so that you leave enough time for yourself to prepare.


Beginning to prepare for the MEGA exam starts with understanding the test you need to take and the timeline for your preparation and testing dates.

  • Identify which test you need to take prior to beginning your study plan. See the MEGA test selection page to see which tests you must pass to gain certification.
  • Select a test date. Test dates are offered year-round during various testing windows. For paper-based tests, each test date has a series of regular, late, and emergency registration periods. Test fees increase as the testing date approaches. For specific dates and registration deadlines, see the MEGA test dates page.
  • Register for the exam. You must create and access your MEGA user account to register.
  • Select score reporting options. During registration, you may select school districts and colleges/universities to which you would like to send your score reports. You can send additional reports at a later time, but it is more efficient to select your recipients during registration.

Arrival and What to Bring

There are several steps you need to take prior to arriving at the test site to ensure you are set up for admission to the testing center. Policies vary by test, but candidates should prepare to meet the following expectations regardless of their selected exam:

  • Verify your test location and reporting time. Reporting times will differ from testing times, and it is important to arrive early to ensure admission. Examinees should arrive 30 minutes prior to the start of the examination to ensure enough time for check-in.
  • Print your admission ticket. Access and print your admission ticket in advance. You must bring your admission ticket to the center with you in order to be permitted to test. Electronic versions will not be accepted. To avoid technical problems that could delay the process, print your ticket the night before your exam.
  • Gather identification materials. All test takers are required to provide one valid form of identification, but are encouraged to bring at least two forms of acceptable ID each time they report to a test center. You will not be permitted to test without proper identification.

For more information about the policies that pertain to your particular assessment, see the MEGA policies page.

Taking the Test

By now, you should be familiar with what to expect on the exam. All that is left to do is complete it, but that may not be as simple as it sounds once the test is in front of you.

If you feel anxious, remember 7 Reasons People Fail Their Certification Exam. If you have prepared using these tips and 240Tutoring’s study guide, you will have:

  • Learned the content
  • Reviewed testing strategies
  • Learned how to break down questions and answer choices
  • Learned how to write a constructed response
  • Developed strategies for reducing test anxiety

Throughout the test, remember what you have learned, maintain a steady pace, and keep calm!

Test Scores

Score Reporting Dates

Scores are released approximately two weeks after the testing window closes. If you take an exam at the beginning of a testing window, you will have to wait longer for your results. For the most up-to-date calendar of score-reporting dates, see MEGA’s test date guidance, which provides specific details for each assessment.

Sending and Canceling Scores

When registering for the MEGA, you will have indicated which institutions or programs you would like to send score reports. Your test scores will be automatically reported to you, the Missouri Department of Education, and Department of Elementary and Secondary Education, and the institutions that you indicated when you registered. If needed, you may choose to send your scores to additional recipients. Learn more about requesting additional copies of your test results here.

You may not cancel your scores once you begin the test, and test scores may still be submitted even if you leave before completing your exam. For additional information on MEGA testing policies, see here.

Official Score Reports

Official score reports will be emailed to each candidate on the scheduled reporting date.

Understanding Your Scores

Your official score report explains your score and whether you passed or failed. Your raw score and percentage of correct answers on the MEGA are converted to a common measure called a scaled score. A scaled score allows multiple forms of a test to share a common minimum passing score. Test results are reported using a scaled scored from 100 to 300.

Passing Score

The minimum passing scaled score for tests is 220 or higher.

Retaking the Exam

In the event that you do not earn a passing score, you may retake the test to attempt it again. You must wait 30 days to retake any exam or part of an exam, but there is no limit to the number of times you may take an exam.

When registering for a retake, you should access your testing account to register. In order to retake the exam, you need to re-register for the exam, so do so as quickly as possible. Take action immediately to be sure you meet your certification deadlines!

 Who Wants Free Study Materials?

Use a preview of our 240Tutoring study guides to help you understand what you need to study and how you should begin preparing for your exam!

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