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The Expert Guide To
The Indiana CORE: How To Pass

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Are you about to take the Indiana CORE? We are about to answer all of your lingering questions about this challenging exam series.

The Indiana CORE is the name for the series of exams given by the state to ensure that all public teachers are certified. Before you sign up to take one, you need to know its relative difficulty and how to pass it. This article will tell you about the best resources to study for an exam and where you can find study guides. It can also help you know when to study and how much to study for the Indiana CORE.

Are you ready to learn? Let’s go!

How hard is the Indiana CORE?

There are many tests that are a part of the Indiana CORE. The passing rate varies from test to test, but you can see a breakdown of the passing rates from 2018 on this website. Here are the rates for some common CORE exams:

Something to keep in mind with this data: these percentages are based on each test-taker’s BEST attempt. Some prospective teachers may have initially failed their test and then passed on a subsequent attempt. Since I am sure your goal is to take your exam(s) only one time, it’s best to focus on your individual preparedness. And a great way to determine how ready you are for this exam is to start with a practice test.

More information on CORE scoring can be found in “The Expert Guide To The Indiana CORE: Scores”.

How do you pass the Indiana CORE?

In order to pass the Indiana CORE, you must earn a scaled score of at least 220 out of 300. Every test has multiple-choice questions that are each assigned a different point value, so these are scaled scores, not a simple percentage of correct answers. Only correct answers are counted, so you will need to answer every question, even if you are unsure of the answer. An educated guess is better than a skipped question!

Where do you find resources for the Indiana CORE?

A quick internet search will turn up many resources for the Indiana CORE, but there are certain things you need to look for. You want to be familiar with the testing situation, so you need a website with a tutorial on the testing software. You also need a great study guide to help you master all of the domains that will be on your test. Look for transparency from testing companies about how they create their resources and whether they have any kind of study guide guarantee. Things like this can show a company’s confidence in its product, and 240 Tutoring offers information on both!

What are the best resources to use for Indiana CORE?

The Indiana CORE testing website has many important preparation resources that you will need leading up to your exam. Here you can practice answering questions using the on-screen calculator and formula sheets. The best study guide you can find is on the website 240 Tutoring. Their study guides include a pretest that identifies your strengths and needs, a study guide covering all the domains, flashcards, and practice questions.

Where do you find study guides for the Indiana CORE?

You can find study guides both in print and online. The great thing about finding an online study guide is that there are many that are interactive, providing quick feedback and explanations for practice questions. Also, there are often videos that go along with the written material. Printed study guides are helpful if you do not have consistent internet access or would like to write on your materials. All the actual tests are computer-based, so no matter what kind of study guide you use, you should practice taking the test with a computer at some point.

240 Tutoring offers resources for the following CORE exams:

How do you use study guides to study for the Indiana CORE?

The best study guides include a pretest with enough questions to assess your strengths and needs. You can use this information to determine where to spend the most time. Review material on the study guide and flashcards and then practice with the sample questions. 240 Tutoring offers all of these things for many of the Indiana CORE exams.

How do you study for the Indiana CORE?

To study for the Indiana CORE exam, begin with a diagnostic test. Use the results of that pretest to determine the areas that you most need to study. Break the topics up into manageable chunks and review. After reviewing, complete practice questions to ensure that you have mastered the material. Quality study guides, like those offered by 240 Tutoring, will guide you through this process.

When should you study for the Indiana CORE?

You should study daily for the exam so that you can focus on a small amount of material at a time. While the overall time period will vary based on your individual needs, we generally recommend that you begin at least a couple of months prior to your exam. Then, in the week or two before the test, review all the material together.

If your exam is coming up and you don’t have as much time as you would like, check out Dr. Kristy Mulkey’s tips for “Effective Cramming.

How much should you study for the Indiana CORE?

The amount of time you need for preparation depends on how comfortable you are with the exam’s content. Start with a diagnostic test to get an idea of where you are.

Ideally, you should study for about eight to ten weeks for the Indiana CORE exam. Giving yourself plenty of time will allow you to divide the material among the allotted number of weeks to spread out your studying. Spend the first part of the week learning the material and then take a day or two to review everything from that week together. Be sure to use the practice questions as well. All of the material should be reviewed together before taking the exam. Use the flashcards and practice questions along with the guide.

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