Free CTC Practice Tests

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NOTE: If you need to take more than one practice test, you will need to follow these instructions:

  1. Take the practice test you would like first.
  2. After taking the practice test, create your account so you have access to your full results.
  3. Stay logged in and come back to this page.
  4. Choosing the next practice test you would like to take (you can verify you are still logged in by looking in the top-right corner to see your name as you take your next practice test(s) ).
  5. Repeat the previous steps for as many practice tests as you need.

CBEST (Individually)

CBEST: Reading Free Practice Test

CBEST: Mathematics Free Practice Test

CSET Multiple Subjects (Individually)

Multiple Subjects: Subtest I Free Practice Test

Multiple Subjects: Subtest II Free Practice Test