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Here Is What You Need To Know About The RICA

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Are you getting ready to take the RICA?

The RICA is a teacher certification exam in California that is designed to test your ability to teach reading to elementary students. It is important to know how many questions to expect and what kinds of questions there are on the RICA. You also need to know about essay questions, also known as constructed-response questions (CRQs), and the best resources to help you prepare.

So, are you ready to dive in and talk about the questions on the RICA? Let’s get started.

How many questions are on the RICA?

The RICA test has 75 questions. There are 70 multiple-choice questions, four short-answer questions requiring answers ranging from 75 to 300 words, and one case study that will require a response of 300 to 600 words. You will have four hours to complete the test.

What kinds of questions are on the RICA?

The test is made up of three types of questions. There are multiple-choice questions that cover five different domains. The short-answer questions require you to address educational problems or instructional methods. The final essay question is a case study that will require you to incorporate all five domains into the answer.

Are there any essay questions on the RICA?

There are five essay questions on the test. Two short-answer questions require answers of 75 to 150 words and cover fluency and vocabulary. Two more short-answer questions cover word analysis and comprehension and require answers of 150 to 300 words. The final essay is much longer and is a case study that covers all the topics and that requires 300 to 600 words in response.

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What are the best resources for studying for the RICA?

The best resources for the RICA come from the testing website and 240 Tutoring. The testing website provides information about the basics, such as test structure and when you will receive your scores. 240 Tutoring is the best option for preparing you for the test. 240 Tutoring offers an Ultimate Guide with practice test questions that will help ensure you’ve mastered the material.

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