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CTC/CBEST/CSET - Questions Quick Guide

The California Commission on Teacher Credentialing (CTC) administers exams for prospective teachers in California. This article explains the CTC exam structure, including how many questions are on the exams, what kinds of questions are on the CTC, and the best resources for studying for an upcoming exam. Learning about how the exam is structured is one of the easiest ways to reduce test anxiety and improve your score.

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How many questions are on the CTC?

The number of questions varies for different CTC exams, but most exams contain 50 to 100 multiple-choice (MC) questions and at least two constructed-response questions (CRQ). The following table lists the number of questions on different exams administered by CTC. You can find additional information and more exams at the CTC Educator Credentialing Assessments website.

What kinds of questions are on the CTC?

CTC exams contain mostly multiple-choice questions along with two to four constructed response questions. Select the best answer choice for multiple-choice questions. For constructed-response assignments, you will need to prepare a written response to a short answer question or another kind of prompt.

There are a few different types of CRQs that appear in CTC exams. The most common CRQ asks an open-ended question that requires a written response of about 100 to 200 words. CBEST writing and CTEL exams include essay questions, which are longer and require a more structured response in paragraph style.

In the RICA written exam, the CRQs are called focused educational problems and instructional tasks. These questions are designed to measure the test-taker’s ability to follow written instructions, so make sure to thoroughly read the directions and organize your responses. This exam also has a case study question. For case study CRQs, you are given information about a specific situation and should use your knowledge and judgment to answer the prompts.

Finally, you may also see a work product assignment. These CRQs ask you to respond to a hypothetical professional situation.

Read ALL instructions carefully before answering multiple-choice or constructed-response questions.

Are there any essay questions on the CTC?

Yes, some CTC exams, including CBEST writing and CTEL, do include essay questions, also known as constructed-response questions. Other exams may also include constructed-response questions, so make sure to read all instructions carefully and manage your allotted test time wisely.

Looking for more tips on time management and how to get the best test score? Be sure to read through the 240 Tutoring Testing Approach.

What are the best resources for studying for the CTC?

The best resources for studying for the CTC are study guides, practice problems, and test information. 240 Tutoring offers these CTC resources and more all in one place. The comprehensive test breakdowns, need-to-know details, and full-length practice tests are designed specifically to improve success on CTC exams, including CBEST, CSET, CTEL, and RICA.

Other resources are available online at the CTC exam website. Here you can review test content, upcoming test dates, and practice materials.

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