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Each 240Tutoring study guide is available online through our website. All instructional content is printable. The questions, because they interactive and automated, must be answered through the online study guide.

240Tutoring study guides are comprehensive reviews of the ideas and concepts of each exam. We provide a quality, easy-to-use study guide that is proven to help anyone pass their exam. If you are unsure of what you need to know to pass the exam, where to find the information to study, or don’t have a lot of time to study then 240Tutoring can help you prepare for your exam.

The 240Tutoring Guarantee is if a student scores 90% on our Practice Test (at the end of the study guide), but fails the exam then they are entitled to a money-back refund of up to 2 months of their subscription (see our Terms of Use for full details).

The idea is if a student demonstrates mastery of our study guide, but fails the exam, then 240Tutoring did not uphold its responsibility and the student deserves a refund.

240Tutoring study guides are very simple. Using the study guide is a 3 step process: 1) Take the Diagnostic Test to see where you need to focus your studies 2) Study the practice questions and instructional content and 3) take the full-length practice test.

The Diagnostic Tests are assessments that will reveal strong areas and weak areas. They will help identify where to begin studying and be a benchmark to compare how well one is learning the material as you go.  You can go to your “Profile” tab to download a full diagnostic test report to see how you scored in each area and subarea.

The Practice Quizzes are realistic, exam-level multiple-choice questions. Each question inside the quiz has an explanation for the answer options, so understanding why a question is correct or incorrect is instantaneous. The practice quizzes help students use their exam knowledge and practice answering exam questions.

The Instructional Content is textbook-like study material that explains the concepts on the exam. The instructional content is a review of important ideas and concepts that will be assessed on the exam. For example, if the state exam requirement is “the test-taker should be familiar with important American events between 1663 and 1776”, then the 240Tutoring instructional content will breakdown which events between 1663 and 1776 are important, why the event is important, and what needs to be known about the event.

The Flashcards (available in select study guides) are a targeted overview of key concepts to get you prepared for your exam.

The Practice Test is designed to get you ready for test day.  This test has the same amount of questions and time allotted as your actual exam to help simulate what your exam will feel like.  You can go to your “Profile” tab to download a full practice test report to see how you scored in each area and subarea.

Every 240Tutoring study guide is online, accessible 24/7, and all the instructional content is printable.


We have designed our application to be user-friendly. If a user is ever unsure about the next step they can email us at This will ensure you are never lost throughout the tutoring process.

The practice quizzes are realistic test questions that allow individuals to receive instant feedback on their answer choice and have easily viewable explanations to why an answer choice is correct or incorrect.

Our questions are carefully created to replicate the structure, voice, and knowledge tested. Our questions are not the same questions you will see on the exam; it would be illegal for us to have the same questions as on your exam. However, our questions are invaluable in preparation. Our questions help students implement the knowledge from our instructional content and provide an indication of how well a person understands the test’s subject knowledge.

Questions should be read over carefully, as should each answer option and explanation. Because our questions are so similar to the exam questions, students can learn how to find out what the question is asking, what kind of answer the question expects, and how to identify the best answer option. The explanations equip students to have a thorough understanding of each question. 

Study material is an in-depth instructional content covering the material found on the exam; our expert contributors have prepared manuals to review users on the concepts that will be covered on the certification exam.

Diagnostic Tests gauge a user’s content knowledge while the study material allows the user to build up their content knowledge.

You can take the Diagnostic Test as many times as you want to. We allow the Practice Test (at the end of the guide) to be taken up to three times. As an individual builds up their content knowledge, we want to allow them to continue assessing where they need help and allow the individual to build up confidence in their knowledge of the material.

During Purchase

Currently 240Tutoring, Inc only offers the study guides shown on our website.  We are always working to increase the study guides we offer. If we do not have your study guide, let us know and we will try our best to offer it in the future.

Your monthly subscription will give you access to every study guide we offer in your exam series.  For example, if you subscribe to a TExES study guide, you will have access to every TExES study guide we offer.

All of our transactions are secure. We use Stripe for all of our online transactions. Stripe is the industry leader in e-commerce security.

There are many reasons for a credit card transaction not processing. Please use the Contact Form to send us an email in regard to the situation and include as much detail as possible.

After Purchase

We recommend taking the Diagnostic Test when you first get into the study guide.  This will give you direction on what areas you need to spend the most time studying (you can find the full report on your “Profile” tab).  You can then come back and take them again during your studies.

In order to gain access to the Practice Test, you will need to complete everything in that study guide.  This includes all of the study material, quizzes, and flashcards (if applicable).

Each individual student is different. We recommend making a goal of earning 80% on the Practice Test.

Technical Questions

The most likely reason is the use of an unsupported browser. Supported browsers are the latest versions of Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Safari. If this is not the issue, please use the Contact Us page to email the Technical department; please use as much detail as possible.

Yes, our website and application is supported by the iPhone and most smartphone browsers.

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