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The Ultimate Guide To Prepare For The TExES2020-09-16T14:15:55+00:00

The Ultimate Guide To Prepare For The TExES

There are so many things to think about when it comes to preparing for the TExES exams. You need to know how hard they are, how you can pass, and where you can find study guides for your exam. There are many resources for the TExES that can help you, including study guides, flashcards, and practice tests. This article will help you gather the information you need to successfully prepare for the TExES exams.

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How hard is the TExES?

TExES exams vary in difficulty, depending on the test. Some tests have a passing rate as low as 36%, while others are as high as 100%. Many tests have a passing rate between 75% and 85%. Look into your specific test’s passing rates and look for a practice test that can help you evaluate what kind of preparation you need.

So how hard is the TExES in general? It’s tough to say for sure, but it is passable! You just need to be prepared.

How do you pass the TExES?

In order to pass the TExES, you need to earn 240 points out of 300 on a scaled score. Every test has the same passing score, but they all have different amounts and types of questions. Each question is weighted, meaning that it has an assigned value that may be different from other questions on the test. Weighting questions ensures that each test in a certain subject has the same difficulty level even if the questions are different.

For more information on TExES exam scores and how to read your score report, this is just what you need.

Where do you find resources for the TExES?

There are many resources out there for the TExES exams. A quick web search turns up everything you need, from passing rates to flashcards, but your best options are resources tailored to you! 240 Tutoring covers everything you need to know from costs and registration to preparing for and passing your exam.

What are the best resources to use for the TExES?

There are so many resources out there to help you prepare for the TExES. The two best options are from TEA, the governing body that administers the tests, and 240 Tutoring. TEA provides a manual for each exam that will cover the basics you need to know before sitting down to take the test. The TEA website includes material for each individual exam. To fully prepare for the actual questions, the best resource can be found at 240 Tutoring, which offers study guides, flashcards, practice questions, and even a full-length practice test to identify the material you don’t know, so you don’t have to spend time covering content you are already familiar with.

How do you study for the TExES?

To study for the TExES exam, start early, and make a plan! Use a diagnostic tool to assess what you need to review and what material you have already mastered. There is no need to study for the TExES info you already know! 240 Tutoring offers a great diagnostic test for each exam with enough questions to assess your knowledge. Be wary of websites that offer diagnostic tests with 10 questions; you need more info than that to make a plan.

How do you use study guides to study for the TExES?

Study guides are super helpful when you study for the TExES exams. Find one that fits your learning style and study needs. Some websites offer video guides, some offer written guides, and some have a combination. A quality study guide will likely help you determine your most effective study plan. Look for one that offers a diagnostic test and/or practice questions. This can narrow down what you need to study and what you can skip. Once you know your needs, then you can focus on learning that information.

Where do you find study guides for the TExES?

There are study guides all over the internet for the TExES, but that doesn’t mean they are good! You want to find a study guide that offers a variety of resources and content, like practice questions, flashcards, study material, etc. It is also important to find resources that help you focus on the information most important to you; thorough diagnostic tests are key to planning your study sessions.

You can find a prep manual on TEA’s website that will help familiarize you with the test. For a great study guide that covers exactly what you need — no more, no less — look to 240 Tutoring.

Why are the 240 Tutoring guides the best? Check out this short video for an overview of our creation process.

When should you study for the TExES?

Studying for the TExES is a personal task, and you know your schedule best, but you should probably start two to three months before the test to spread out your study sessions. If you’re closer to your test date, definitely take a diagnostic test and focus on your weakest areas. Focus on one topic per study session until the last week and then combine the topics just like they will be combined on the test.

Need help cramming for a test coming up soon? Check out this great video resource!

How much should you study for the TExES?

You should spend two to three months studying for the TExES exam. Again, the best tool you have is a diagnostic test that can help you prepare for the right information. Set aside an hour or two each day so the information has time to absorb and you aren’t stressed out and cramming.

If your test date is coming up soon and you still don’t feel prepared, we’d recommend you take a look at 240 Tutoring’s Testing Strategies to help you do your best!

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