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240Tutoring offers online, comprehensive study guides that are guaranteed to prepare a student for their certification exam. Every 240Tutoring study guide comes with the 240Tutoring Guarantee, benchmark assessments, and the most comprehensive resources available!

How Study Guides Help

Answering Important Questions

Answering the “need to know” questions– Finding everything you need to know for the exam is stressful and time consuming, but very necessary. It’s hard for a test taker to find the answers to the three most important questions: What do I need to know on the exam? How do I find out what I don’t know? How do I improve my testing knowledge? Answering these three questions is imperative to be successful for any exam, especially teacher certification exams. 240Tutoring has done the research, developed the necessary curriculum, and implemented the best assessment methods so test takers can focus on what is most important—learning the material.

Valuable Resources

Providing the resources to learn the material– The goal of any test taker should be to learn the material and pass the exam. Passing any certification exam requires that a test taker know the material very well. The exams are designed to assess a person’s knowledge about a specific subject; there are no short cuts or special secrets anybody can employ to pass the exam. 240Tutoring study guides are designed to help test takers learn the material by equipping each study guide with in-depth instructional content and practice questions, in order that test takers may learn the material and practice useful implementation of their knowledge through our practice questions. Our method and resources are proven to work.

Testing Tips

Quality testing tips and strategies– There are no testing secrets to pass an exam, but there are many testing strategies to best implement one’s content knowledge. Certification exam question structures are similar, and there are certain strategies to help students identify the best answer option. For example, each multiple choice question typically as two obviously incorrect answers, one partially incorrect answer, and the correct answer. By eliminating the two incorrect answers before answering the question, a person’s chance of success doubles. 240Tutoring offers the best, research-based testing tips to help test takers best implement their knowledge.

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