TExES EC-12 Special Education Exam

The EC-12 Special Education exam will assess an individual’s knowledge in special education pedagogy, process, rules, and requirements according to Texas standards. The majority of the questions will ask the test taker to choose the best instructional method in a given situation, what a certain instructional method might accomplish, or the proper response in a given classroom situation. To be successful on the exam, an individual should now the best-practices of special education pedagogy and the common procedures of special education in Texas (i.e. creating an I.E.P, ARD meetings, etc).

TExES EC-12 Special Education Information

The EC-12 Special Education exam consists of 135 questions that must be completed within 5 hours. The EC-6 Generalist is scored on a scale from 100-300 with a score of 240 required to pass.

  • Understanding Individuals with Disabilities and Evaluating Their Needs- 14%
  • Promoting Student Learning and Development- 33%
  • Promoting Student Achievement and English Language Arts and Reading and Mathematics- 33%
  • Foundations of Professional Roles and Responsibilities- 20%

The EC-12 Special Education exam consists of all multiple-choice questions with 4 answer options per question. The questions will generally ask: what is the best way to teach a concept, the greatest benefit of a certain pedagogical approach, or the purpose/function of special education procedure. To best answer the questions, a test-taker should be up-to-date on special education best-practices and have an idea about the best way to communicate academic concepts to special need students. Click here to go to the

Educational Test Services Preparation Manuals page EC-12 Special Education Testing Tips

It is important to note that 33% of the exam consists of promoting student learning in mathematics and English. It is especially important to be familiar with the best-practices of mathematics and English pedagogy for special needs students in order to be successful on the exam. Domain 3 will also require the individual to be familiar with basic mathematics and English concepts, so it is very beneficial to review mathematics and English concepts taught between grades Kindergarten through Eighth grade. Click here to go to the Educational Test Services Preparation Manuals page for more in-depth information about the EC-12 Special Education exam.

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