TExES 4-8 Generalist Exam

The TExES 4-8 Generalist exam will assess an individual’s knowledge in the areas of English Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science. The test will require the test-taker to demonstrate knowledge in each subject area; the questions are correlated to the level of knowledge the exam will allow the test-taker to teach (i.e. the mathematics questions will not go beyond basic Algebra; science questions will not exceed concepts found in an 8th grade classroom). To be successful on the exam test-takers will need to have an understanding of concepts related to English Language Arts and Reading, Mathematics, Social Studies, and Science.

TExES 4-8 Generalist Information

The 4-8 Generalists exam consists of 130 questions that must be completed within 4 hours. The 4-8 Generalist is scored on a scale from 100-300 with a score of 240 required to pass

  • English Language Arts and Reading- 31%
  • Mathematics- 23%
  • Social Studies- 23%
  • Science- 23%
TExES 4-8 Generalist Test Tips

The 4-8 Generalist exam will consists of all multiple-choice questions with 4 answer options per question. Generally, the questions are straightforward and are designed to gauge the overall knowledge of the test-taker in each area. It is important to note that the English Language Arts and Reading questions are more pedagogical than the Mathematics, Social Studies, or Science questions; the English questions tend to ask about how to teach student English concepts. Click here to go to the Educational Test Services Preparation Manuals page for more in-depth information about the 4-8 Generalists exam.

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